FREE Emergency Preparedness Checklist Kit

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Right now you can create a free emergency preparedness kit. Save your family time and keep them safe by planning now. Get everyone on board.

Free Emergency Preparedness Kit - get started now

FREE Emergency Preparedness Kit

Making a family emergency plan is easy. It can save you and your family much-needed time and could save your life.  As they say, you can never be over-prepared for an emergency. Right now, you can grab a FREE Emergency Preparedness kit.  Yes, absolutely free. This is how important safety is. 

This kit is a plan that you create for yourself and your family. Once you have completed the forms you can print them for your records.  As you create your plan it will help you to familiarize yourself with the emergency action plans. It gets you really thinking about the possibility of weather-related emergencies.

Having it first on your mind is the best preparation.

As you get started, you will need to think about all related weather conditions that you face in your region of the country. 

Getting Started with Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

In order to get your Emergency Preparedness Kit, you first have to select the time of weather conditions that affect your area, then add in all your emergency contacts, think about and select your family meeting place in the event of a fire and evacuation plan. Make sure you review this with each of your family members. 

This freebie does take some time on your part in terms of making a plan. Think about all the benefits this plan will have, including keeping your family safe. Be better prepared and start your planning now, but click the “get started now” button below. 

Looking for emergency preparedness kits, here is some more literature that will help you create and prepare on your own.  

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  1. I appreciate you sharing this free emergency survival kit with us! Thanks a lot. Does this preparedness kit also come with items for children?

        1. What would someone do after printing the forms? Do that take them somewhere or mail them? How does the kit get to the person?

          1. The kit is for your family. It is your emergency plan. So I would review it all with family members and keep it in a safe spot. A lot of people choose a special container and keep it in their fridge, purse or where they keep their medications. These are places where emergency responders often look.

      1. HI Cynthia, The link is in bold and underlined on this page. Tick that links and it will bring you to the online version (different website) to complete. Once completed you can print for your records.

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