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How To Get Grocery Coupons for Free!! — 2 Comments

  1. I am looking for sites that sell and ship manufacturer coupons to your house. Example: Smithfield meats. coupon is $2.80 but coupon is up to $10 off. I have one and the prices are awesome but I’m looking for variety. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Carol, Selling coupon is illegal. Many do not realize this when they first start couponing. Those who are selling, have found a loop hole. They state that you are purchasing their time for clipping each coupon. We know this is not the case.

      For more information regarding this fraudulent act you can review the fine print stated on the front of any Red Plum coupon insert (for the newspaper) and/or read this post from the coupon information center https://couponinformationcenter.com/faq/ under can I sell my coupons.

      If you are looking for more coupons, ask friends, family, purchase extra newspapers or check our coupon database for printable coupons. Thanks f0r commenting

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