How To Get Grocery Coupons for Free

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To help you save even more money, here are some tips to help you Get Grocery Coupons for Free. Here are some FUN tips that you may not have thought of.  Come get your free coupons.

How To Get Grocery Coupons for Free!!

If you are like me, every shopping trip contains a handful of coupons. Each tiny piece of paper represents free money or currency. I often walk away saving 50% or more off my original grocery recipe total. As coupons and deals are starting to trend down, it has been a little more challenging, but I am up for it. In this article, I will be going over How to Get Grocery Coupons for Free.

The most popular source of obtaining coupons is through your local Sunday paper. What if you wanted to stop purchasing the newspaper to save money? EEK!! That is okay! I got you covered. There are plenty of other avenues.

I know that some are very fortunate to receive or even be able to purchase the newspaper because of the area in which you live. Let’s go over some ways you can get free coupons. How do you get coupons without purchasing a weekly Sunday newspaper?

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Ask Your Co-Workers or Friends for coupons

Many of them purchase the paper for reading material and toss out those coupon inserts. Ask them for their insert. I say it never hurts to ask. In the end, you may be walking away with lots of coupon inserts. My husband brings me stacks of coupon inserts home from work.

It saddens me to see others are not taking advantage of these coupon insert savings. But hey, I will do it for them.  

Online Free Printable Coupons

Online Coupons are easily accessible, and I use them often. I find that sometimes I use more printable coupons in one shopping trip than actual clip coupons from the paper (really depends on your weekly deals).

Watch Inspiring Savings for help with your printable coupon needs. You can also go right to some printable coupons site (through our site),, and Plus, I have compiled a pretty lengthy list of sites that offer printable coupons. 

Free Coupons on Product Packaging

Check those boxes. They are a good place to check for coupons. Before tossing that cereal box into the trash, be sure to look inside for valuable coupons. You never know what you may find. 

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In-Store Coupons Found While Shopping

Blinkie Coupons

Some stores have what I like to call “Magic Coupon Machine” as you enter the store. It never hurts to ask customer service to see if they have any new store coupons. While walking the aisles, keep your eyes peeled for “blinkies”, which are coupons that come out of a little machine that is attached to a shelf.

They have little lights on them that blink. When a coupon is pulled out of the machine, another one takes its place. I typically take a few if they are items I will use. They are now rarely seen on the shelves, but they are still popping up. 


Peelies” are coupons that are attached to a box or container of a product and can be peeled right off in order to use the coupon right away. Even if you don’t need that coupon right then, check the expiration date on it to see if you can use it on a later visit.

Store Loyalty Club Memberships

Most stores will often produce extra coupons in the form of mailed or eCoupons. Have a child? Pet? Family? See if your store offers these great clubs for an added bonus. And always use your store loyalty card at checkout. Stores track your purchases and reward you with coupons based on your spending. 

Free Mobile Coupons

Let’s face it, Mobile Coupons are super convenient, and lately, I have been using mobile coupons a lot more. There are many mobile coupon apps available and they come in handy when you make an unexpected stop at a store or restaurant.

Some of these apps include Ibotta, Upside and Fetch. Read more here about other money saving apps

Free Mailed Coupons

Getting coupons in the mail is one of my favorite ways to get coupons for free. These types of coupons are often high-value coupons or free product coupons straight from the manufacturer. Take a few minutes to write or email your favorite brands to let them know what you think about their product.

More often than not, they will send you coupons. Not all manufacturers offer mailed coupons, see which ones do.

More Savings On Social Media Sites

Are you a Facebook or Twitter fan? If you are, GREAT!! If not, you really should consider signing up for an account. There are many benefits to having a social media account.  

Many companies offer exclusive savings to their fans. Most are in the form of coupons and some may even provide coupons for FREE products. It is a way to entice you to follow and learn more about their products.

Plus, by following them, you are helping that specific company advertise for free. Your “likes” or “follows”, can be seen easily by your friends or other followers, encouraging them to follow as well.

Are there other ways you find coupons for Free? I would love to know about it. Please leave us a comment below. 

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Coupons are a great way to save extra money. The savings are helpful when planning your weekly menu plan. Basing your recipes off the sale items and using coupons can save you a lot of money. Your grocery budget will thank you.

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    1. Hi Shelly,
      If you reach out to your favorite brands via email and ask for coupons, many will send them. As of right now, it seems though, fewer companies are sending and referring us to digital coupons if available.

  1. I am looking for sites that sell and ship manufacturer coupons to your house. Example: Smithfield meats. coupon is $2.80 but coupon is up to $10 off. I have one and the prices are awesome but I’m looking for variety. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Carol, Selling coupon is illegal. Many do not realize this when they first start couponing. Those who are selling, have found a loop hole. They state that you are purchasing their time for clipping each coupon. We know this is not the case.

      For more information regarding this fraudulent act you can review the fine print stated on the front of any Red Plum coupon insert (for the newspaper) and/or read this post from the coupon information center under can I sell my coupons.

      If you are looking for more coupons, ask friends, family, purchase extra newspapers or check our coupon database for printable coupons. Thanks f0r commenting

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