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Fuel AdvatEdge Reward Program At Price Chopper – Market 32 — 34 Comments

  1. Signed up for new gas promotion. Said went through. Was suppose to get 4x. Went shopping in lenox, never got fuel savings. Why???

    • HI Cindy,

      Not sure when you went shopping the actual promotion started in 10/15/2017! You could sign up before that time, however your gas savings does not start until 10/15!

      There is also a minimum purchase that may be into play. Some must spend a certain amount prior to receiving their 4x gas savings. When you signed up it would have told you. Sorry, I can’t be much more help. Just trying to troubleshoot with the information you provided. Don’t forget you can always contact Price Chopper customer service as well.

  2. How does the 2x-4x work? Is it just random? What’s a threshold? Sorry for silly questions. Never shopped here before and have never seen so many “rules” to get points lol

    • Hi Tara, Absolutely no question is ever silly. Using the link in the post will direct you to signing up with Price Chopper’s current fuel promotion. When you sign up you will be random selected for two (2x) times to four (4x) times.

      The way it works and forgive me if it sounds confusing. Is every time you shop at Price Chopper you are always generating money towards a $100 cap that earns you $0.10 off per gal of gas. When you receive 2x – 4x, you are either doubling to quadrupling that amount towards your $100 cap to earn $0.10 off. It basically gets you there faster. Does that make sense?

  3. The Fangastic promotion is confusing. I have 4X, supposedly, and my $100 threshold has been met. On my recent $38.74 purchase I earned 20 cents per gallon, even though I haven’t made it to the next $100 level. (I’ve spent $45.43 toward it.) I thought I would earn 40 cents each time I made it to the $100 threshold, but it’s not working out that way. How can I predict my gas points? Are there two thresholds going on at once?

    • Hey Jack. I know Price Chopper has made this out to be really confusing. Essentially you are earning 4x faster to get to your $100 threshold. For every amount spent at Price Chopper you will earn 4x that amount toward your threshold. I am sorry. I wished that they made this easier to understand. All other gas promotions in the ad will be earned as is and not extra.

  4. Why did you have to RESIGN up>>>one has the card already obviously…So why do you make a loyal shopper have to sign up again to get the “NEW” promotion>>>i have already went twice to the new market 32>>>no bonus points because I did not RESIGN up prior…now I have am NOW up current fpr new promotion>>>i do NOT think this is good customer relations!

  5. I understand it now! The dollars are 2X, 3X or 4X. So when my register receipt says $ .70, that is what you receive, not $1.40, $2.10 or $2.80 off on each gallon. Yes, it is a confusing system.

  6. Nope apparently that’s not how it works. I reached my 100.00 mark and earned .05 cents on a bonus item. My receipt says .15 cents gas points have been earned and underneath that’ it says 188.36 FanGAStic fuel promo spent. So it makes absolutely no sense at all.

  7. Hi, Jennifer – my husband and I shop quite frequently at PC and use the gas fuel promo. We have spent well over $1,000 and still receive 2X. What are the requirements to receive 3X or 4X?

  8. Price chopper is not making good public relations with this crazy scheme. There is enough deception in the world already. If price copper is looking to drive customers away they are doing a great job as you can see by past comments. Jen @ Inspiring Saving you are fighting a loosing battle with your explanations.

    • Thank Burt! However, I get lots of questions regarding Price Chopper and many other grocery stores. I don’t mind answering if I can help. Others don’t realize they need to reach out to Price Chopper directly for all their concerns.

  9. Today is November 27. I just signed up for the 4x gas savings. I understand this promotion was from November 11. All my receipts from price chopper since November 11…could I get the 4x added to my account now? I used my PC card advantage card each time but only got single credit. Is there a way I could enter my receipts into the card to get the full 4x’s savings?

  10. For the new promotion that started 11/11/18, my receipt says I’m enrolled but it doesn’t show the amount I need to earn before my 3x kicks in. Why did you change this?

    • Hi Laurie,

      I don’t work for Price Chopper. I am a frugal living deal blogger. I share information regarding promotions to help others save money. You will need to contact Price Chopper directly. Have you card # in hand as they will be able to look this information up for you.

  11. I recently cashed in my rewards points expecting to get $2.20 off each gallon of gas. I found out the program had been changed and points were not worth half of what the original program offered.

    My question is that most of my points were earned before the program changed in June. I feel shortchanged as there was no notification to cash in your points, whose value was about to be cut in half. Why was there no notification?

    Not good customer relations and a reduction in reason to shop Price Chopper with Hannafords, Tops, Stop&Shop, Market Basket, Whole Foods and Seabra available. ????? To say nothing of Target and WalMart.

    • Hi Donald, I completely understand your concerns. While I do not work for Price Chopper Supermarkets and I am an independent website owner I get your frustration.

      Price Chopper did advertise the change about a week before they changed over to the new system. AND You are right!!! It does not live up to the old system. I would encourage you to reach out to Price Chopper directly. I know there have been many (including myself) not at all excited about the new changes. Good LUCK!

  12. Hello Jen:

    How delightful to come upon your page after googling about my Advant Edge card for Price Chopper. I was looking at my receipt and was surprised I already had 99 points! Then I googled for more information about how to redeem points – up to this point I hadn’t been paying much attention bc I don’t really shop at PC that much because their prices are pereceived to be more expensive than their competitors. Since I don’t shop there that much, I was surprised I had earned 99 points so that’s when I was led to your page.

    I was surprised to learn that one can earn 4X more points and you provided a link to sign up for that. Now my first question is how do I know my 4X points work at my local store (of course I could ask customer service about this)>?

    And now I also saw on my receipt that points expire — for instance about 58 points will expire at the end of this month! Not good!

    So basically this Advant Edge card is a way to accumulate points for just grocery shopping and filling up at the appropriate gas station for 5 cents off, is that correct? Are the points used for anything else?

    I understand you don’t work for PC so no worries – I do appreciate you writing up this stuff to help us find good deals!

    • Hi Stephen,

      So glad you stumbled upon my site. And you have some great questions. CONGRATS on your points. And leaving a verry well thought out comment. I am going to try my best to address all your concerns.

      First, on the bottom of your receipt, you will see an account of all points. They will highlight the ones earned with the new up to 4X promotion. I do hope you were able to sign up and get a decent amount of points. I only got 2X, but so much better than nothing.

      Yes, your points do expire at the end of the month depending on when they were earned. The great thing is…. ask at check out for the cashier to use your points for $$ off your current bill. You roughly will get a $1 off your next order. 99 points = $0.99. Use your card each time you shop and you will accumulate tons of points. Keep track, because the cashiers don’t ask as often as they should or tell you how many points you have. But that isn’t a big.. as it is on your receipt.

      You do have to tell them when you want to use your points.

      Hope this helps

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