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How Price Chopper’s AdvantEdge Card eCoupons Work — 18 Comments

  1. I have tried repeatedly to get the e-coupon for the Philadelphia Cheesecake Cups that are advertised this week. I have looked over the coupons many times and cannot find this offer and when I type in this item to “search” it brings up some coupons but not for the Cheesecake Cups. I’ll admit that I’m not quite the brightest when it comes to computers, etc but I have done this before for other items and have been successful.
    What do you think I am doing wrong?

    • Hi Vicki, I am sorry you are having such a problem. I have found you are not the only one. Did you type in “Free” or “Store coupon” in the search bar. I am certainly sure that there are a limited amount of saves. I hope you can pull it up. Not sure if you are search on desktop or mobile. I find it easier to search from desktop. Let me know how it works out for you

  2. what was the coupon company that use to be linked to our price chopper advantage card? It would accumulate your saving and deposit the money into your bank account when you requested it? This savings was on top of manufacturer and/or store coupons.

  3. it doesn’t work for me. When I key in e-coupons it tells me no results found. I have an advantage card all it gives me clipped coupons where you print them off and cut. I have other cards for different stores and e-coupons work.

    • Hi Lisa,
      They way in which Price Chopper has set up their on line ecoupons it doesn’t allow for you to unclip your coupons. The best you can do is contact Price Chopper/Market32 through their website and see if they can unlink your coupons to your card.

  4. Every time I try to load the coupons to my advantage card I get unable to load coupon error. Has anyone else had this problem? This error has just started about a month ago, before that I had no problem.

    • Hi Angie,

      Huh! That is really interesting. This is the first I am hearing about an error. I would actually contact price chopper through their website to reach customer service. They may some internal website error going on. They did do an update around a month ago. Sounds like the error you are getting does jive with that update. Please come back and let us know if they fix this for you.

  5. I have tried for several weeks for e coupons. The screen continuously flashes and says it cannot download. Not sure what has happened. I have tried several ways to click on but just keeps flashing. Help

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