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10 Secrets You Don’t Know About ShopRite! — 17 Comments

    • I can absolutely help. Not sure which part of the receipt you are specifically trying to understand.
      Coupons do come on in a variety of ways.

      DM = Digital Coupon – and will typically show up underneath the item that was purchased
      SC = Store Coupon (same as digital – just coded differently) – and will typically show up underneath the item that was purchased
      This SC abbreviation will also appear at the very bottom of your receipt after the abbreviation of MC. This is the doubled amount of your coupon.

      MC – manufacture coupon and will ALWAYS appear at the bottom of your receipt.

      I hope I helped answered your question. If not please let me know and I will help out as much as possible.

  1. The shoprite app has different prices than the store. For example I wanted to buy degree spray on deodorant. The app said the price was 4.99 and the shelf said 5.99. I scanned the can on my app and the app showed the price of 4.99, when I told the cashier she said she didn’t know anything about the app and basically her and her supervisor accused me of being a criminal. I went to customer service again they knew nothing about the app. Then they called the store manager who didn’t bother to show his face but only spoke the customer service girl at the desk and he said the app is incorrect. Keep in mind I had my app set to the store that I was in. I scanned the can in the store in front of them. The manager said it can be the price anywhere in the state.

    • OH GEEZS… I am so sorry Stephanie. I have heard they still continue to have problems with the app. I would actually call or write to ShopRite corporate. (Phone # & email address found on their website). Notify them of all the issues you are having with the app. If they know about it then they can fix it. Your local store doesn’t control or can fix the app, but corporate can

  2. This morning butcher at the 18976 store told me they do not mark down day old meat instead they discard it.
    Yardley Shop Rite marks down items daily according to the sell by date. I found this very disturbing.

  3. Two weeks ago I received a coupon from the register that stated spend $200 from now until December 28 and receive a $15 coupon towards your next shopping order In the past two weeks I spent over $200 and today I spent another $200 I didn’t receive any coupon I spoke to who I think was a manager in customer service he said there’s nothing they can do about it it’s a promotion that’s not in your computers He said maybe there was things that you couldn’t purchase on this special from what I read on the coupon it stated no postage tobacco alcohol fuel taxes metro passes I bought none of those wondering if you had any knowledge of how this promotion works thank you Rick

    • Hi Rick,

      You will need to contact ShopRite by using the phone number listed on your receipt.

      You see I run this website Inspiring Savings no affiliation with ShopRite. This is a frugal living website. I report the deals as I see them. I am unaware of the Catalina offer you are working towards. That you would need to figure out through them. I am sorry I can not be of further help.

  4. Hey Rick — I am in that same situation. I am going to call the the phone number on the catalina 1-888-826-8766. I am not looking forward to the extra work that will probably need to be done but this should have printed automatically after $200 in spending. Good luck to us.


  5. A lady at the courtesy counter told me that the shop right app is not working correctly she told me to use the digital coupon app at the deli.

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