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ShopRite Free Turkey or Ham Holiday Promo – Fall 2020 — 48 Comments

  1. Why are small households, where it is impossibe to accumulate $400 in groceries in the permitted time discriminated from participation.?
    Isnt $200 enough for a complmentary
    Chicken or something..?

  2. How many points do I need to receive free turkey! Have been using my card everytime I go to ShopRite, not sure why it’s only 140 points

    • Hi Norman,

      If you have earned a free turkey, it will state on the bottom of your receipt that you have fulfilled the Holiday Dinner Promotion. I would then please check the ad, only select varieties are free. Some other items are listed at a much cheap rate and may be of better quality.

  3. my receipt says ” $400.00 or 400 , quality and redeem” Does this mean I qualified for a free turkey? the receipt does not indicate anything else that I have qualified for a free turkey. I have until 11/22 according to the weekly circular…. please advise

  4. Is there any non meat items one could redeem, if they already met the $400 requirement.

    I can’t eat meat anymore and wondered if Shop Rite offered a veggie lasagna or something else as a substitute.

  5. I just ordered for pickup and it didn’t give me a choice which free holiday dinner item I could select. I would like the kosher chicken. How do I select this? I already paid.

  6. I can’t tell you how sick I am of hearing stupid brainless “elderly” jerkoffs whining when and how their going to get their “free turkey” for the last month while people are gasping for air and dying all over the place. These arrogant pieces of crap should be suffocated and maybe they too will realize a “free turkey” is of minimal importance. Not to mention all the starving homeless folks who have NOTHING! Wake up and smell death you selfish scumbags!

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