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Easy Ways to Save Money on Fresh Produce – Save on Groceries — 2 Comments

  1. I have to say that the only time I find farmers markets to be less expensive than the store is when I go and am able to get day old. Tho now that we are down to 1 kid at home ( out of 4)we can afford some of the fresh items that we couldn’t before we had a house full. We trip down to Schoharie ( our secret, but i WILL share!) and hit up Barbers and Shauls..Barbers you can get alot for a couple bucks at the day old counter. The corn is to die for! I cook and freeze what we aren’t going to eat that night. Am going to take a day trip over to my hometown of Rutland Vermont and check out thier Market..so many farmers that it is now located in a refurbished warehouse!!

    • Thanks MAMA for sharing your little secret. My local farmer is small and tucked away, so local traffic seems to make his business run well. I do have to agree some farmers market tend to be on the pricier side. Rutland Vermont is beautiful. 🙂

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