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Shopping at Your Local Thrift Stores – The Do’s & Don’ts — 16 Comments

  1. I’m gonna pop some tags, got 20 dollars in my pocket…lol I love thrift stores! The local Goodwill where I live has special tag days every other Saturday where you get half off the marked price.

  2. I haven’t been to a thrift store in a long while, because most of my everyday style consists of stretchy materials and these are not very thrifting-friendly. But I never really thought of thrifting other items! We lost half of our cutlery behind the kitchen cupboard (there’s a small gap that we missed and we used to put the drying rack there. The spoons and knives would slip right into the gap!). I’m thinking of thrift-shopping for new cutlery now. Might make a set that’s entirely mix & match 😍

  3. This is an excellent resource for the dos and don’ts of shopping at thrift stores. I love going to thrift stores, they have some awesome stuff at super low prices!

  4. I love thrift stores. I shop there for clothes, books and small decor items. I collect angel figurines and I am happy when I find a new one at my favorite thrift store.

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