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Steps to Clean and Remove Grease from Kitchen Cabinets — 41 Comments

  1. That’s an excellent idea. Now that it’s clean, fold newspaper to fit on top. Cleaning next time will be easier. All the gunk settles on the paper so you simply toss and clean the edges. I’m glad you didn’t see paper when I cleaned them recently. YUK

  2. They may not have discovered a cure for the common cold, but I found something almost as good. My kitchen cabinets are finally clean and it didn’t take me half a day to accomplish this feat. All it took was a cup of vinegar and one half cup Borax mixed in to a gallon or so of water. Thank you for this fabulous idea. You got my new year off to a good start. I will be checking for further tips. Thanks once again.

  3. Thank you for making my MONTH- I’m leaving to visit family in a week, and have been considering calling Merry Maids first….looking @ referrals, called 1 cleaner who said we can do everything, but first I’ll visit and give you an estimate of hours/staff needed…freaked me out!! Want to do this before I leave , and come home to CLEAN!! Will let you know outcome!!

  4. Can this mixture of vinegar & Borax be used on the outside of real wood cabinets or should I use some other natural cleaner? Can you send me a email with an answer.

  5. I hope you are right. I am in the process of renting a new apartment. I have to admit I am a clean freak. While looking over the kitchen I notice the cupboards were rather dirty. I touched a couple of places and I was wrong. They are not dirty. They are FILTHY. They are sticky to the touch. At 71 I am not thrilled to be cleaning cupboards (that feel like they have not been cleaned since installation) that have been neglected for a long a long time. I start cleaning next week. I´m sure yours weren´t that bad, but if you know someone who came across a similar problem, please let me know if it worked for them. I would appreciate any feedback before I start. Will let you know if I clean them or set fire to them. Thanks for the advice. B. Karr

    • HI Barbara,

      I could not stand cleaning mine with toxic chemicals that did not cut the grease. This is by far the most fantastic way to get the grease off. Literally, mix up the solution and wipe off with a cloth. You will see. I can’t wait to hear how it works for you. Thanks for the comment. Jen

  6. I cannot believe how bad I let my cabinets get. We cook with a lot of oil and the cabinet above the stove was really disgusting. I saw your post and and decided to mix up a batch and just see if it really worked – and it did! I just want to thank you. Leah.

  7. Trying this mixture in the morning on my cabinets, would you put the mix in a spray bottle, or just using a scrubby or washcloth to wipe the cabinets down? Also does it work with decreasing the cabinet hinges?

    • Hey Jessica,

      I have never used it in a squirt bottle. I typically just fill up my sink and use a washcloth to wipe everything down. Now you are doing a few firsts for me. Such as the squirt bottle and hinges. I would love to know if both work well. I was thinking that if the borax is not completely dissolved it may in fact clog up the spray bottle. Just a thought. Please let me know how it all works out for you. Best of Luck.

  8. I follow advise from another site on my oak cabinets and it was a mistake. I used baking soda to clean 2 cabinets and I did the whole door. Now I cannot get the baking soda out of the groves in the oak. Is their anything I can do? I did this last year.

    • Oh wow… I am sorry to hear that. I would suggest grabbing an old toothbrush, saturating it with clean water and scrubbing the little corners until the baking soda starts to dissolve. It sounds like it have been there for a while. You may just have to take your time with each one. Getting the water in those little edges with some movement from the bristles will be key. Good Luck. I would to hear a follow up 🙂

  9. Did you wipe down the fronts or just the top? I want something safe for wood that has been stained and I think it has a polyurethane coating. Your top looks great!

    • Hi Ann, At first I only attempted with the tops. I too was a little nervous. But I wiped down the fronts with no problems at all. In fact, it wiped down just as easy. I am always recommending this mixture to my friends. I can’t wait to hear how your cabinets turn out. Best of luck

  10. Tell me about Grandmas homemade cloths!! Knit or crochet? What kind of yarn??

    Also.. do my cherry wood cabinets need oiling after cleaning?

  11. Should you rinse after you clean with the solution?
    Thank You will be doing this “after” the holidays. My grandma always told me not to bother cleaning your house before a big party, no one will notice and it will be a mess afterward then clean.
    A smart lady she was!
    Miss her tremendously

    • Your Grandma gives the best advice. I need to take that piece and run with it. I know my life with be a little less stressful if I did. To be quite honest Marlene I don’t rinse after wiping my cabinets down with this solution. They look great and I haven’t personally noticed any film or tackiness after cleaning. Good LUCK and thank you for sharing your grandmother’s advice with me.

  12. Jen thanks so much for this formula for cleaning the cabinets! I need to do this as soon as I can buy more vinegar!

  13. Have you ever put any essential oils in the mix( like a drop or two) so it doesn’t make the kitchen smell like pickles?
    I can’t wait to try this! I’m getting ready to repaint and wanted to get all the grime off!

    • Hi Melissa! Great question. I have not done it personally. The solution doesn’t smell so bad. HA ha! And never thought of it smelling like a pickle. I do say, GO for it. I don’t believe it will change the way the solution works. Would love to hear how it turns out for you.

  14. I use freezer paper, one side is coated with a shinny waxy coating this side goes up. Just throw away and replace when it gets dirty. You can wipe it off but replacing is just as easy.

  15. Worked wonders on my oak cabinets!! I have tried other cleaners and nothing took the grease and grime off of them. Thank you!!!

  16. I was about to go out and buy a degreaser for my oak cabinets prior to painting them. I am so glad to have found this recipe. It worked wonders! Thank you.

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