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The Best Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets – Affordable Update — 2 Comments

  1. Hello, your kitchen looks amazing! What color did you use for the cabinets and also the color for the countertop makeover? I couldn’t tell if it was the natural white or bright white (for the countertops)

    • Hey Angie,

      Thank you so MUCH!!! And I can’t believe I didn’t mention the color. I just updated my post. The color of my cabinets is called Gray Cast. The special Behr paint comes in a limited amount of colors. Well, limited in the sense that you choose from a brochure and not a wall of colors. It seems that the paint color in our kitchen often looks more periwinkle at times. But we love it. And get a lot of compliments about the color.

      The countertop color is found in this post https://www.inspiringsavings.com/update-your-kitchen-countertops I used a specialized kit. And there are so many different colors. I went with what they call natural white. Good luck on your kitchen. I know first hand how much research needs to happen first.

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