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Posted on: Aug 04, 2019


Brilliant Ways To Use Leftover Lemons Around The House — 27 Comments

  1. My favorite way to use lemons is to squirt them over an avocado with a sprinkle of salt and pepper!
    My garbage disposal loves to eat lemons too!
    When we lived in California and had a lemon tree in the back yard, we used the lemons in place of tennis balls for the dogs. They loved the tennis ball tree, until they bit too hard into the “balls” and they got a mouth full of juice. :-))

  2. I love to use lemons (cut in half, or quarters) when I make stock. Roasting the meat scraps with your vegetable ends and scrapings and lemon gives it a really hearty flavour. After roasting, move to a large pot and fill with water, boil, strain and voila!

  3. You can also use left-over lemons to make lemon cookies. You can grate the lemon and squeeze the juice for some delicious cookies, cake, or icing.

  4. Lemons are so useful! When I was younger I don’t use it that much but when I knew how to use in different ways. We rarely waste even a single piece of it.

  5. I will try the tip for cleaning the microwave with left over lemons. I also use the lemon rinds to ward off the stray cats from my flower garden. It works well for me. I guess cats just don’t like the smell of lemons.

  6. I love lemons but I didn’t realize all of the purposes that they serve. I put lemons in my disposal and slive and freeze for drinking water. But, I never new about the microwave and water boiling trick? Makes sense!

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