Never Clean these Things with a Magic Eraser

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Magic Erasers can be, well, magic. Until you realize it is too late. Before you clean, here are some things you should never clean with a magic eraser.

Never Clean these Things with a Magic Eraser

They are all things magic…until

You realize the damage has been done! Magic erasers can make cleaning up messes around the house so much easier. In fact, we all rave over how well they clean. But did you know that there are some things that these amazing cleaning products are not meant to be used on?

It’s true, as great as they are, some things around the house could even be ruined by using a Magic Eraser to clean them. In fact, there are a handful of surfaces that can actually become damaged when cleaned with a magic eraser.

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Car Exterior

You should never clean the exterior of your car with a Magic Eraser unless your desired result is scratching in the finish of your car.

The abrasive nature of the Magic Eraser may leave fine scratches on your car’s exterior and remove some of the car’s finish coat, leaving it prone to rust. Did you know once foam gets wet, it has the abrasiveness of 3000 grit sandpaper?

Stainless Steel

Do you have copper or stainless steel cookware? Be careful. The abrasive nature of the Magic Erasers can also scratch up the finish of your stainless steel sinks and appliances, especially if you use them and press down too hard.

Too much scrubbing can cause the high gloss finish that seals most stainless steel appliances to break down. This can leave your stainless steel looking dull even after cleaning and may result in permanent scratching. 

Nonstick Pots and Pans

You may think that a Magic Eraser is the perfect solution to food that may be stuck to your nonstick pans, but it’s not.

A Magic Eraser will scratch and permanently damage the coating on your nonstick pans making it more likely that your food will continue to stick. It could even cause your pans to release toxic chemicals when they heat if the coating has been severely damaged. 

Electronic Surfaces

You may be tempted to use a Magic Eraser to wipe smudges off of the screens of your electronics. Overusing it on items like your laptop, cellphone, tablet, or TV. This is, in fact, the wrong cleaning product for that. Instead, you try using a soft microfiber cleaning cloth with an electronics cleaner. 

Some Countertops

Some countertops can not be cleaned with a Magic Eraser, and those include countertops made out of granite and marble. The Magic Eraser can remove some of the sealants on the countertop, making it appear dull in spots. 

Vinyl and Wood Flooring

Vinyl and wood flooring are two more items around the house that should never be cleaned with a Magic Eraser.

The abrasiveness of the sponge can strip the finish right off of your wood and vinyl surfaces. This of course is not what we want. You will notice a dulling over time of your flooring after use. As it turns out, Proctor and Gamble recommend not using Magic Erasers on various surfaces.

Glossy Paint

Chances are, if you have kids, you have used a Magic Eraser to clean up. Crayon marks seem to be what I clean off of walls the most.

However, if the walls of your home are painted with glossy paint, then Magic Erasers might not be the answer for you. Because they can leave a dull spot in the paint. 

Now that we’ve talked about items you shouldn’t use a Magic Eraser on, let’s discuss some tips for when you do use them. 

  • Always do a spot test. Before you use a Magic Eraser on anything, you might be unsure of simply wetting it and using it on a small inconspicuous area. Then let it dry to make sure that it hasn’t ruined your finish, taken off any paint, etc. 
  • Don’t ever use a Magic Eraser dry. The Magic Eraser sponge is even more abrasive when they are dry. So make sure that you always dampen them before using them. 
  • Don’t scrub too hard. Part of the “magic” of Magic Erasers is that they clean messes easily, without a lot of hard scrubbing. If you scrub the item, you are cleaning too hard, you may damage it. You will also burn through your Magic Erasers quickly. 

Magic Erasers are a handy cleaning product and don’t forget you can find them on Amazon for less than the brand name products. Just search for melamine sponges and you can buy them in bulk at a great price.

What is your favorite cleaning project to tackle with a Magic Eraser? 

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