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Have a Healthy Holiday Season – Avoiding These Pitfalls — 20 Comments

  1. AHH I cant believe the holiday season is upon us. Once Halloween hits, everything goes by SO fast. Thanks for this lovely reminder post! Much needed before the craziness begins.

  2. These are great tips for a stress free Christmas. I think the less amount of gifts you have to buy the less stressful it is!

  3. Beautiful article, honestly, holiday season gives me a lot of stress because I need to think for everything but thanks to you for sharing these tips I can now be relax for this coming holiday season.

  4. I have a great holiday season planned. I am going to make sure I get in plenty of baking and neighbor baskets!

  5. Great blog..! These tips are so true and effective..!I will definitely keep this in mind for this coming holiday season.

  6. Well-described!Actually,all points are here are valid. Most importantly in the holiday season, we don’t care about flawless as you say because in those time it’s very important to stay and enjoy with family.Thanks for sharing!

  7. Those are great tips. I make my lists. I try as hard as I can to keep to a budget. It’s hard to sometimes. I also stock up when things I know I use all the tine are on really really good sales.

  8. Christmas is gift giving time and everyone enjoys giving and receiving gifts but let us now forget the real meaning why we celebrate Christmas. As much as possible, we keep the evening of the 24th a solemn celebration of the birth of Christ. Christmas is for the family – with or without gifts, flawless or not.

  9. Christmas is a busy season obj think about shopping for gifts and the preparation. And through the years, I learn to be savvy, like example I always keep those boxes and wrappers from previous holidays, even from many PR gifts and re-use them.

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