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New Blue Rhino Propane Exchange Savings 2020 – Save $3 Off — 4 Comments

  1. Unfortunately, not all rebates are what they seem. This one may work, the $10 rebate for change was rejected after I had to search for Blue Rhino in our area. I will probably go back to filling at local propane store. Just as easy and in the long run, cheaper.

    • Hi Jay,

      That is a great question. The coupon is provided by the manufacture for you to use. They do not want you to print it and just start handing out to you friends and family. They want them to print it from that form that they produce. All coupons even grocery store coupon has the same exact fine print statement. Even the printable coupons have that exact same print. If you copy any coupon it goes against the terms & conditions of that coupon or rebate.

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