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Posted on: Jan 03, 2020


Top Tips to Improving Your Budget Overnight! — 3 Comments

  1. Forget paying for Redbox. Use your local library to check out FREE DVD’s of your favorite movies, cartoons and How to videos for kids and/or adults. Recent releases are available too! Not only are the dvd’s from your local town library available but the entire “system wide collection” is available to choose from online through your own libraries website. Plus any library will ship free to yours for close pick up! It’s great for a snowy day marathon. Catch up on a tv series everyone is talking about -you get a whole season at a time! Or have a classic movie night and invite friends over. Do a dessert night or potluck.

    For addtional savings I got rid of cable. Now I only pay for internet service @ $14.99 a month. I only use Hulu.com for the few tv shows I watch. It’s free (or they have a paid montly service). And then I head to my library for my weekly movie selection – generally 5 at a time – unless I pick up a tv series (which includes 4-6 disks at a time).

    • Thanks Tillsonian. We do this as well. But when we want a new release we turn to Redbox. However, that is when we have a free code. Frugal minds. That is great about Hulu.com. I should have mentioned streaming services. Our family uses Roku. It does save a ton. Thank you for your comment. I know this will help other with their budgets.

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