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Save Money By Eating at Home & Become Healthier Too — 15 Comments

  1. Ha! LET ME TELL MY HUSBAND THIS. Oh wait, I have 1048347932 times – hahahah! He HATES eating at home. HATES IT. I love it and make sure I do, and let him just do whatever he wants, LOL!

  2. Excellent article, and yes, I agree. Eating at home is healthier and can be just as tasty. I do find planning is essential. I need to take out recipes and make a list before shopping, otherwise, we end up buying and eating the same foods week in week out.

  3. We only eat out when there are special occasions to celebrate. My family loves good, home cooked meals that I prepare for them. Cooking at home is more economical so that equates to more savings!

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