Mickey Mouse Pencil Jar Holder

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If you have any Disney fans in your life, these Mickey Mouse Mason Jars are a must-make! They are perfect for holding treats, and supplies, or using them as a pencil jar.

Mickey Mouse Pencil Jar Holder

Enjoy making this Mickey Mouse Mason Jar for yourself or your kids. This craft is so fun and just too perfect to create. Make it for your favorite Mickey Mouse fan. It is hard to say which I enjoy more, being organized or my love for all things Disney. Both are very close at first.

Two classics meet in the practical and nostalgic design. You too can create this mickey mouse mason jar. I love how versatile Ball Mason Jars are for crafting. You can purchase them at your local Dollar Store, Walmart, or online from Amazon. Either way, they are not very expensive. I like to can food from my garden each year.

Disney Mason Jars – Supplies Needed

For this craft project, you can choose to use a pint or quart-size jar depending on what you will be storing. I used a pint mason jar for this tutorial.

  • Mason jar
  • Black spray paint (I used Chalkboard Black Paint)
  • Red card stock
  • Yellow buttons
  • Hot glue gun/hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

How to Make this Pencil Jar Holder

First, did you see the first photo? Aren’t they so darling? I’m looking forward to seeing them daily and using them often. I won’t leave you without instructions. I created this tutorial. So you too can create your own cute Mickey Mouse Mason Jars. I know you will want to make your own. These are incredibly easy to make.

supplies needed for mickey mouse jar

STEP ONE: First, you will want to remove the lid from your Mason jar. Next, spray your jar with your black spray paint in a well-ventilated area and let it dry. Leave to dry for the amount of time required (it should say on the paint can). I choose to use black chalkboard paint. Depending on the coverage, you may need a second coat of paint. I left mine out to dry for a full 24 hours.

cutting construction paper

STEP TWO: Next, draw a line onto your red card stock width-wise about 2 1/2” tall. Then you are going to want to cut out your strip of construction paper with scissors. Carefully cut a straight line.

covering jar with construction paper

STEP THREE: Once your jar is fully dry, carefully wrap the red paper around the bottom of the jar. Then, using your hot glue, secure your red card stock to the jar. You will need to hold it in place for a few seconds. Word of advice, please be careful not to burn your fingers.

finished mickey mouse pencil holder

Adorable, Right?

STEP FOUR: Again and carefully hot glue two yellow buttons about an inch apart where your paper meets the paint. This is a complete afterthought, but I found some glue dots in my craft room that I know would have worked just as well. Once you get your buttons on and add in the jar tip without the sealing piece, you are all set. That is it! Pretty simple, right? Just a few steps.

Fill with pens, pencils, or colorful paper straws. And that is it! These jars are pretty easy to make and give you a fun decoration for your home.

I’m so happy with how this Mickey Mouse Mason Jars craft turned out. I know it will add some fun and some color to our school homework area. Now we don’t have to dig through the drawers to find the perfect pen.  I know we will enjoy looking at them over the years to come.

If you made these jars, I would love to know how yours turned out. Please drop us a comment below. What type of black spray paint did you use?

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Making this craft project at home is not only fun, but can save you money. No need to go out and purchase a Pencil Jar Craft kit when you can gather your supplies from home and make it yourself.

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