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Posted on: Apr 21, 2020


Easy Homemade Cherry Cinnamon Rolls — 21 Comments

  1. These are fabulous! I had a bunch of cherries and made a batch of my own filling – I was looking on Pinterest to find different recipes using the filling and came across this one. I’m thinking of trying a different kind of filling (maybe apple?) or even just adding more cinnamon for cinnamon rolls. Thanks for sharing a great recipe!

  2. I think you will get a laugh out of this, it took me a little bit to figure out what four teas of milk were.4t.I kept looking for a tea recipe!

  3. THESE WERE AMAZING!!! I don’t usually eat cinnamon rolls because I’m not a fan of incredibly rich/sweet things (I know I’m weird lol) but I decided to try these out today for our Father’s Day party since we had an incredible amount of cherries (thanks to our kind neighbor who’s out of town with a very healthy cherry tree) and honestly I couldn’t resist having multiple! These were the most talked about food that was eaten today. From grandparents to cousins, all ages – these were loved! And the dough was incredibly easy and came together nicely. Your instructions are great and the proportions were perfect. I just know that next time I’ll have to double or triple the recipe!

    A few changes – I made my own cherry syrup from the fresh cherries (cherries, brown and white sugar, butter, cornstarch, almond extract), an almond glaze (almond extract, heavy cream, powdered sugar, and butter), and when the dough was laid out I spread butter on it + brown and white sugar and then the cherry syrup.

    • Hi Chelsea, So happy to hear that they turned out fantastic. AND LOVED your idea for the cherry filling and glaze. Sounds delicious. No wonder they were a BIG Hit. Thank you for coming back and leaving us a comment. We always love to hear how our recipes turn out.

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