2024 Gift Ideas That Motivate Ways To Saving Money

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Here are some of my favorite inexpensive, money-saving gift ideas that are sure to spread joy, as well as financial well-being. We love to save money. These items will help you give the gift of frugality. 

2024 Gift Ideas That Motivate Ways To Saving Money

As we embark on our Christmas Gift Giving extravaganza, have you ever thought of providing a few gifts that would actually help save money? As a frugal-minded person, I am not only keeping my family in mind about money-saving options but my friends too. It is those inspirational gifts that others love to receive..

Saving money on a gift is nice, but you know what’s nicer?

Select a gift that will save the recipient money, too. If you’re serious about giving the best to your loved ones this year, why not give them something that’s built to last and help them save at the same time?

You will also want to see our Holiday Gift Guide for this year. I cover gifts from the picky teen all the way up to the grandparents.

Let’s chat about some creative ways to give a new perspective on gifts. Those that keep on giving in the form of savings. Don’t just give gift cards to the grocery store. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas to add to your shopping list.

home heating options - gifts that save money

Programmable Thermostat

Keeping your house in check can help you save cash throughout the year. Give your friends and family warm wishes for the holiday season (and cool tidings for summer) with lower energy costs. Gifting them a programmable thermostat will help keep their home on track with cost savings.

There are many options available, but according to CNET the Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat is the best value. Programmable thermostats can help you save money on your energy bills. These thermostats let users set their heating and cooling around daily schedules.

Really, everyone should have one in their home. It helps save on electricity and gas. Careful programming can help you cut down on how much you spend.

mom teaching daughter to bake - gifts that save money

Personal Finance Books or Books That Teach A Skill

There is nothing like learning a new skill that could help you save money on something you always wanted to do but didn’t know where to start.

Personal Finance Books or Books that will help teach a lifelong skill is a great gift idea that will surely help provide an added benefit. Personal growth and development can go a long way.

popcorn in a bowl - gifts that save money

Pop Your Own Popcorn at Home

Making your own popcorn with real kernels is always cheaper than buying microwavable popcorn bags. My favorite little gadget for popping popcorn is the Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper. In just three minutes, you can make six quarts of light, flavorful popcorn – twice as much as traditional microwave popcorn!

Making your own popcorn with real kernels is always cheaper than buying individual microwavable bags from the grocery store. This is a small effort to save extra money each week. Plus, you are eliminating all the junk ingredients that are used in-store purchased microwaved popcorn.

reusable shopping bags - gifts that save money

Reusable Shopping Bags

Yes, they’re good for the environment. Many retailers do offer incentives (while small, it adds up) for customers to carry their groceries in their own reusable bags. Whole Foods Market, Price Chopper & CVS, for instance, offers at least five cents off per reusable bag presented at checkout (the exact discount varies by location).

In New York state, New Jersey, and a few other states, stores no longer provide plastic shopping bags. It will not be a surprise if more states start doing the same. I am sure it won’t be long before all states across the country require you to shop for everyday items with reusable bags.

drinking coffee at home - gifts that save money

A Coffee Maker

The “latte” daily consumption factor. Making coffee at home is much cheaper than purchasing it out. Plus, you get to use your own cute little coffee mugs.

Dumping the daily purchased coffee habit won’t rescue your finances necessarily, but it certainly could leave a few extra bucks in your pocket each day. Which, as you know, it all adds up.

Making your own coffee at home using a coffee pot is much cheaper than purchasing daily and you still get the benefit of drinking your favorite morning beverage. You could even make some of these at home delicious coffee drinks instead of buying them.

couple hiking - reusable water bottle - gifts that save money

Reusable Water Bottle

We can easily spend a ton of money on water. You don’t realize it. That bottle of water addiction can cost us Americans $16 billion every year on disposable water bottles. That is HUGE! Why are we spending that much money?

Don’t purchase disposable water bottles pre-filled. Grab a reusable water bottle with a filter and save all that cash from purchasing. Not only is this gift idea helping with the environment, but it will help with purchased water savings. Don’t buy water, just refill your new water bottle on a daily basis and save money.

Amazon Prime as a gift option

Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu Plus Membership

Cable can be expensive, costing anywhere from $30 a month and upwards, but if your loved one is looking for nothing more than TV and movies, a subscription service can save them money and bring them the joy of home entertainment.

A subscription to Amazon Prime for the year can be a splendid gift. Not only will your recipient enjoy Prime Video, but they can also explore Prime Music and so much more.

Plus, with Amazon Prime not only is the recipient getting free streaming videos, plus Free 2 day shipping and many other great benefits. These are all great Gift Ideas That HELP Save Money!

Give the Gift of a Membership

Big box stores like Costco, BJ’s Wholesale, and Sam’s Club offer a member’s card that can save your friends or family on food. 

Groceries are one thing we can never live without, and you may be surprised at how many other essential and fun things these stores offer. Most offer their own savings advantage by slashing prices as well as offering discounts in the form of digital store coupons.

It’s a win/win in my book. Don’t forget a gym membership. Another great option. If they already have one, go to their gym and ask if you can extend their membership for them.

community class

Community Classes

You’ll see a theme on this list — one of the best ways to save money is to learn skills so you can do things for yourself. Whether it’s cooking, car care, woodworking, or something else, gift certificates for classes are a great way to give the gift of money-saving skills. It is also very practical.

Check community calendars for seminars or look to chains, such as Williams-Sonoma and Price Chopper/Market32, for a schedule of cooking seminars. Also, many towns offer night community classes at local schools.

A life experience learned is worth no amount of money because you can use it again and again

carbonated beverage in glass

Beverage Carbonator

It is part of the latest trends. Making soda at home. Do you know a friend or family member who loves to drink sparkling water or even soda often? A SodaStream could be the perfect way to give in to their craving and help save money.

No need to spend money on your favorite seltzers or sodas when you can make it at home for less money.

rechargable batteries

Rechargeable Batteries

So many Christmas gifts, and gadgets, in general – require batteries these days. Give the gift of a battery charger and some rechargeable batteries. It provides the opportunity to always have electricity when needed.

wind up flash light

Wind-up Flashlight Set

Flashlights are another can’t-live-without item, but the cost of replacing those flashlight batteries? Well, we could all live without that.

A wind-up flashlight provides light by a hand-operated crank. The hand crank flashlight is one vital gadget in an emergency where the power supply is cut. Both my husband and I have one in our cars and in various places around our home.

Purchase wind-up flashlights for the people on your list, and they’ll never have to buy replacement batteries again.

wool dryer balls

Wool Dryer Balls – Are A Natural Fabric Softener

When it comes to drying laundry, opting for using single-use dryer sheets or liquid fabric softeners to make clothes feel soft and fresh is common. For most people, it’s easy to purchase the first option they see because of the price or lack of knowledge. 

Give everyone on your list a set of Wool dryer balls, and wow them with soft, wrinkle-free clothes in less time. No more purchasing fabric softeners. It is a one-time purchase that will last for a long time.

It has been said that they will last over 5 years. I have had mine for about 8 years and they are still working great; they are much smaller.

Give the Gift of a Meat Subscription Box

Food is always a given. We need to eat. Gift the gift of a quality meat subscription box. These services provide premium quality meat, with flexible delivery options, and affordable pricing to suit your needs.

You can design a box to give based on price and items. You can choose from beef, pork, chicken, or seafood and you can customize each box based on the gift recipient’s needs. 

Now it’s your turn.

What other great gift ideas that save money could I add to this gift list? Also, as a gift recipient do you think you would enjoy any of these ideas?

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