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Save EVEN More Money At ShopRite with Downtime Dollars — 11 Comments

  1. Have been trying for 3 weeks to continue the downtime dollars to no avail. Can get halfway in And then it just stops. You should really stop advertising it so much until you fix it. Very disappointing.

    • Hi Joanne, I am sorry you are running into problems with the Downtime dollar system. My site inspiring Savings has no connection to ShopRite. I like to write about and explain how others can save money.

      I have noticed that ShopRite has been running into issues with their latest site and mobile app update. I would contact ShopRite directly with the issues you are having. I know they would like to hear about it.

    • Hi Ernestine, You will need to contact ShopRite Corporate to dig a little deeper into what happened to your earned money. I am a deal blogger that just provides informational posts to help you save even more money

  2. I have had nothing but problems trying to use Downtime Dollars…mist if the time I get a 404 error message ir it says access denied. I had $6 on my account but then it disappeared.

  3. For some reason I cannot into the program. Have participated before but I get a url message that this is blocked. Can you offer any suggestions on this? Thanks. Love doing this program,

    • Hi Audrey,

      Downtimedollars is working on my desktop. I am wondering if your browser is “blocking” the website. I would check your settings. If you can not seem to figure it out I would reach out to ShopRite directly using the “contact us” form.

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