Target Easter Clearance Schedule 2024

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Learn how to save more money at Target by shopping Easter clearance items. Find everything you need from Home Decor, clothing, to gift ideas. These tips will help you find Target Markdowns.

Target Easter Clearance Schedule – Going on NOW!

It is no secret after Easter comes huge markdowns on all things related to the Easter Holiday. Many of the items will be discounted from 50% to 90% off. And it will all depend on your timing of shopping. The catch is…the later you go the higher the discount, but there will be less availability of products.

Let’s get down to learning more about the current Target Easter clearance!  

Keep in mind that Easter Clearance is not as great as other Holidays, but you can score some great items.

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Search these Target Deals now

Now is the time to purchase next year’s Easter dye kits and grass. You can even find summertime items, such as sidewalk chalk and bouncy balls on sale too.

Double Check the Discount Using the Red Price Checker Machine

Since markdowns are happening fast, I don’t often trust the signs. It’s possible your items cost less than you think! So think of popping over to the red price checker machine or checking current prices on the Target app.

Candy Clearance at Target

Most people shy away from purchasing more candy. Because really..who needs anymore when the kid’s baskets are filled with it. BUT keep in mind many candies can be kept in frozen form for later use. I like to purchase higher-quality Easter chocolate bunnies (such as Lindt or Giardelli) for baking. You can shave or chop those bunnies for almost any baking recipe that calls for chocolate.

How To Save 90% off at Target

Getting the best-saving means shopping a little later after Easter, but not too late. You see, the longer you wait the less likely you find everything you are searching for. If you are shopping later in the schedule you can easily find Easter tableware, like plates and napkins.

You will even spot ceramic platters, plates, and mugs during the last days of the Easter Clearance sales. Keep in mind, home decor is quickly purchased the first few days after Easter.

Target Easter Clearance Schedule 2024

Holiday clearance shopping is always some of my favorite shopping because you can possibly score great items at 90% off.   Here are the days the Easter clearance was marked down last year.  We can’t guarantee that they will happen on the same days this year, but it gives us a good idea of when we can expect the markdowns to happen.

  • 50% off (30% off food) – 1 day after Easter
  • 70% off (50% off food) – 3-4 days after Easter
  • 90% off (70% off food) – 6-7 days after Easter

Don’t forget, this clearance will also include the items in the Target Dollar Spot, which will probably be moved to the back of the store with the Easter clearance.

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