8 Reasons To Mulch In The Spring

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Sick of weeding or watering your garden all the time? Are you losing plants to hot summers and freezing winters? There is a simple solution to minimize the impact of these challenges. Mulch!

8 Reasons To Mulch In The Spring

Mulch is your secret weapon in the garden. A thick layer can do more for your garden than you think. What if I told you that you could water less frequently, saving money and time with one application?

Do I have your interest? When you add natural mulch in the form of shredded bark, compost, or wood chips, you are incorporating into the soil added nutrients and organic matter.  

All this to say, you are making your plants very, very happy. But first, before we get into all the benefits of using mulch in your garden. Let’s cover the different types of mulch that are available to you.

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There are two basic kinds of mulch

Mulch ranges in cost from free to expensive. It all depends on the type of material used. Organic Mulch – This is a type of mulch from previous living material.

Inorganic – This type of much is not produced naturally and does not need to be replenished very often.

Mulching, however, does not just increase the visual appeal of your yard. It acts as a protective barrier around plants and bare soil. 

Read on to discover several benefits mulching can offer your garden.

Springtime is the best time to mulch

When you add mulch to your garden in the springtime, you are setting your garden beds up for success. How do you ask?

Because you care about;

  • You care most about reducing annual weeds in your garden.
  • You want a fresh, clean look.
  • You care about saving money and time.

Here Are The Benefits of Mulching In The Springtime.

Less weeding

The first reason for mulching your garden in the spring is that you will have fewer weeds growing in your garden and flower beds. No one wants to spend all of their time on their hands and knees pulling weeds! Mulching in spring means that fewer weeds will be able to get through. 

Mulch in the spring reduces soil erosion

Putting out a fresh layer of mulch in the spring prevents the erosion of your nutrient-rich topsoil by the wind and the rain. Heavy spring storms can wreak havoc on your plants if the soil washes away making it harder for them to thrive, a fresh layer of mulch can prevent this. 

Mulch absorbs water

The mulch you place around your plants will absorb water, keeping your plants hydrated. This means that you won’t have to water as often. This is especially helpful if you live in an area where droughts are common in the summer.

Your plants will thrive without you having to water them every day! According to a University of Florida study, using mulch reduces soil water loss to evaporation by 33%. Which again, means less watering.

Mulch makes the landscaping look nicer

Having mulch around your plants and trees makes the landscaping in your yard look more uniform and professional. This is on top of its other benefits, of course! Fresh mulch makes your yard look more clean cut and polished, and it gives your home more curb appeal.

There are so many types of mulch to choose from you can even color-coordinate it with the exterior of your home. 

May keep some pests away

Certain types of mulch put off an odor (cedar, pine, and cypress) that naturally deters some common pests, such as roaches. Both cedar and cypress wood contain natural oils and chemicals such as thujone that deter bugs.

The mulch acts as a protective barrier around your plants reducing the likelihood of garden pests. 

Helps attracts earthworms 

You probably already know that the presence of earthworms means that your soil is healthy. Earthworms help to aerate the soil and provide important nutrients to your plants. Putting down mulch each spring encourages the earthworms to come and set up residency in your garden. 

Temperature control

Putting mulch down in your garden around your plants helps to keep the root systems cooler when it is hot out, and warm when it is cold out.

This can be very helpful for new, young plants as it gives them a better chance to establish themselves, especially when you mulch in the spring.

Enhances the health of the soil

Mulch helps your soil keep the nutrients that it already has, and as the mulch breaks down over time it will help to provide more nutrients and minerals to the soil.

This means that your plants will be healthy and strong without you having to put a ton of effort into fertilizing them. And if you are looking for some good seasonal deals on mulch, check here. Spring time is always my favorite season to catch deals.

Now you know eight reasons for mulching your garden in the spring that will benefit your plants. Will you be mulching your garden this spring? If not, do you mulch your garden at other times of the year?

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