Best List of Advent Calendar Ideas & Fillers For Kids

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Want to add a personal touch to your advent calendar? We have put together a collection of filler ideas that will spark your creativity and make your countdown to Christmas extra special.

Best List of Advent Calendar Ideas & Fillers For Kids

You have your reusable advent calendar, and now you are looking for the perfect advent calendar fillers. As the countdown to Christmas begins, there’s no better way to ignite your imagination than with an advent calendar filled with surprises that reflect your unique personality.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast, a lover of custom-made treasures, or someone who enjoys thoughtful and unique gifts, this article has got you covered.

Get ready to embark on a journey of creativity as we explore a range of great advent calendar filler ideas that will infuse your holiday season with joy and anticipation.

From custom-made surprises to unique gifts, these suggestions will inspire you to create a memorable and unique advent calendar experience. So, buckle up, grab your hot cocoa, and join us as we unravel the secrets to making this Christmas countdown extra special.

Why Advent

Advent Season is a very special time of year that sometimes gets lost in the bright lights of the Christmas season. Advent represents a time of remembrance. For many Christians, it is a time to reflect back on Christ.

Advent begins the first Sunday of December, right up until Christmas Eve. However, some of us enjoy participating every day by opening up a countdown gift starting on December 1st. It is one part of our many family traditions during the Christmas season.

Custom-Made Surprises for Advent Calendar Fillers

A great way to fill your own wooden advent calendar is to make your own little gifts for your children.

Each handmade surprise will not only bring joy and anticipation but will also become a cherished reminder of the effort and love put into every detail. So gather your crafting supplies, set aside some time for creativity, and get ready to make this year’s advent calendar a true work of art.

Here are some great filler ideas to make your own sweet treats. These also work well for older kids too. Such as;

Small Items That Can be Purchased

In addition, to making your own little gifts. You can also supplement with these smaller ideas that won’t set you back with your budget.

These filler items include:

  • Small candy canes
  • Hot chocolate packets
  • Hair accessories
  • Rubber stamps
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Beauty products, including nail polish
  • Craft supplies to create their own gift
  • Mini Legos, fidget toys, or little trinkets
  • Tiny chocolates
  • Gift cards

Now if you are looking for a set theme of ideas. I have you covered in this next section.

Thoughtful and Unique Advent Calendar Fillers

In addition to custom-made surprises, there are plenty of other thoughtful and fun ideas for your child’s advent calendar.

These ideas are items that can be purchased in one transition. Even if you are a last-minute organizer, these small gifts will keep the fun tradition going and take the stress off of you.

Countdown to Christmas Felt Craft Kit Advent Calendar

This box set from Kids Crafts includes 25 different felt ornament sticker craft kits to keep your little ones busy every day in December. There’s no sewing or glue required, kids can follow the picture instructions and create ornaments all on their own. 

Every day your kids will get a different thing to craft each day. Each craft kit features self-adhesive felt stickers and picture instructions.

Mochi Squishy Toys Set

Squishy is all the rage. Fill each empty drawer or door of your calendar with a Christmas themed Mochi Squishy toy. From Santa to squishy a Christmas tree these squishies are so much fun.

This box set includes 28 Christmas themed slow rising squishes

Christmas Tokens Set

Think interactive. This is a set of 25 Christmas activities for kids to do daily or whenever they want to turn them in. Your child will pick a new token each day leading up to Christmas day. The best thing about this set is that you can reuse these coins year after year.

Tumbled Stones and Carved Gemstones Set

Kids love rocks and gems, and this exciting Christmas filler idea will give them a new specimen to add to their collection each day as the holiday approaches. Such a great idea and fun for young kids. And better yet fun for the whole family as you get to identify each rock or gem..

The fun and excitement culminate on the final day, as kids unearth labradorite, tiger eye, goldstone, opalite, carnelian, flourite, clear quartz, green moss agate, red jasper, citrine, amethyst, hematite, and rose quartz.


The possibilities for creating a unique and memorable advent calendar experience are endless. Incorporating these activities into your advent calendar fillers ensures that each day leading up to Christmas is filled with joy, creativity, and shared experiences.

This holiday season, let your imagination run wild and infuse your Christmas countdown with personal touches that will bring joy and anticipation to every day. I hope this list gives you lots of ideas. Merry Christmas!

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  1. This is such a great list! I think finding tiny things (that aren’t just candy!) is difficult, but your list makes it easy.

  2. Hhhmmm….I love the idea of the tiny candy canes. It will be kind of imitating Christmas, for the little ones. Thanks for these ideas.

  3. Thanks to your post I have ideas to do in the Christmas for my kids. I’m sure they will like the ideas of advent calendar a lot.

  4. Great list and suggestions! My kids love advent calendars but I’ve never thought about putting one together myself. I will have to try this out this year.

  5. Growing up, I loved each season celebrating with an advent calendar. These are some really great items to fill for kid’s surprises in theirs.

  6. This is a perfectly timed post. I want to do an advent calendar but thinking of items small enough to use as fillers has been a struggle until now!

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