Free Merry Christmas Printable Gift Tags

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You don’t need much to create something very merry and jolly that everyone will love. These freeprintable Christmas gift tags are easy to print, look great, and will add a homemade touch to your gift.

Free Merry Christmas Printable Gift Tags - Tage shown on present

Free Merry Christmas Printable Gift Tags

I’ve been busy working on some fun Merry Christmas Gift Tags design that I can’t wait to share. Today, I wanted to bring you some holiday cheer. They are adorable and FREE for you to print up and use. You can use them to attach to one or all of your gifts.

Everyone appreciates a simple card or a message during the holidays. You don’t need much to create something very merry and jolly that everyone will love. And I wanted to share these simple printable cards that you can use.

Not only will you save money by using these printable Christmas gift tags, but you’ll also save time from having to buy them at the store, and they’ll add a personal handmade touch to your gift. After all, saving money, time, and showing someone you care should be what Christmas is all about.

This year I plan on using these for all my teacher’s gifts. The spacing between the “To” and “From” is plenty for my little ones. Tie one of these gift tags on with some string or twine and you’ve got a stunning rustic look that is most definitely Instagram-worthy!

presents with Merry Christmas Printable Tags

How to Get Your Printable Mini Christmas Cards

Feel free to download and print as many tags as you would like. However, please do not edit or redistribute the files in any way. These tags were created for personal use only. For the best quality, I would highly recommend printing on white cardstock.

Here’s what you need:

  • 8.5″x11″ Thick White Card Stock Paper (regular computer paper works, but it won’t be as sturdy)
  • Scissors
  • Printer

Instructions to Make Printable Gift Tags

STEP ONE: Download and print your printable using the card stock paper or regular computer paper. This printable card set will print a sheet with 4 mini cards per sheet.

Download Merry Christmas Gift Tags(HERE)

STEP TWO: Once printed out, no need to fold. You can simply use a hole puncher to make a small hole for adding the ribbon to your gift or simply attach it with clear tape.

STEP THREE: Write a special note on the underside or right on the front.

Top Your Gifts With These Printable Christmas Gift Tags

These Christmas gift tags are all free to print and print out one per page, making it easy to get just the gift tag you want. I’ve also come to learn that you don’t need to go out and buy expensive cards and wrapping paper. In fact, you can make any gift look gorgeous even on a tight budget. I’ve really been into the kraft wrapping paper look lately.

Kraft paper is 100% recycled paper and looks like a brown paper bag on a roll. It comes typically in a 100 ft roll. Instead of purchasing a 125 sq ft, which is roughly 30 inches by 10 ft. You are getting ten times more for a much cheaper price.

I hope you enjoy these fun Christmas tags I created for you. Please remember these are free for personal use only.

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You don’t need much to create something very merry and jolly that everyone will love.  I wanted to share these simple Merry Christmas Mini printable cards.

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