DIY Homemade Wood Bead Wreath Christmas Ornaments

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You’ll love these rustic DIY wood bead wreath Christmas ornaments for your holiday tree this year. With just a few inexpensive materials – you can create these statement-making ornaments!

Adorable wood bead Wreath Christmas Ornaments on wooden background with greenery

DIY Homemade Wood Bead Wreath Christmas Ornaments

When the Christmas decorating season and craft season unite, an explosion of creativity happens. And nothing brings me more joy than creating beautiful craft projects that are inexpensive to make. This Wreath Christmas Ornament craft is rustic and gleams with the farmhouse style that is ever so popular.

If you haven’t noticed, the farmhouse style has been all the rage for years now. It is easy to understand why. Joanna Gaines, who is one of my favorite people to watch on television, has made this look accessible and approachable for the average homeowner. I don’t foresee this now-classic style fading away anytime soon. Just walk into Hobby Lobby. It is all I see.

And with this style, I love that you can take simple and affordable items and turn them into a beautiful statement piece in your home. These wood bead Christmas wreaths scream farmhouse style. And in my opinion, I love it all. The affordability, the neutral tones, and Christmas!

You can make them yourself in less than 5 minutes or get your kids involved, which may take 30 minutes to complete (HA HA!). But this craft for little hands will help with fine motor skills. A great craft for any skill level.

You can also create nativity star craft you can make with your kiddos. And it would be worth it for you to check out our newest snowman hat ornament, made from old Jenga pieces.

Neutral tones & versatility

Bringing the best together is a simple and easy Christmas craft. You can use different ribbon colors and embellishments (see different & unique ideas below) to match the current color scheme that you have set for your tree.

Craft Supplies Needed to Make This Easy Craft Project

How to Make Your Wreath Christmas Ornaments – step-by-step instructions

If you are working with younger kids on this project, placing all their needed materials in a tray would be a good idea. Just in case, you end up with a few runaway beads while working. Hey, it may be a good idea for you as well.

Keep in mind that I created these wreaths with 12-millimeter beads. The smaller the beads, the more you will need on your wire, and vice versa for the larger beads. Any size you make them will be just as adorable as the next. You can also alternate between large and small beads.

STEP ONE: First thing, begin by cutting a piece of floral wire around 8 inches long. Then follow by stringing up your wooden beads onto the wire. I used floral wire I already had on hand, but jewelry wire would work too. Whatever you thread your beads onto just needs to be strong enough to hold a wreath shape.

The thread will not work, the twine string will if it is thick enough. For the most part, try to leave at least one inch of wire exposed on each end.

Twist, Twist, Twist

STEP TWO: Next, twist your two wired ends together, securing the beads on the wire. After making your twist, create a loop with the wire ends. This loop will be used to hand the ornament on the tree. At this point, your wreath may look more misshapen than you would like. And it may not even resemble a wreath at all.

STEP THREE: That is all okay. It is time to form it into a circle. Simply mold it into a round circular shape.

STEP FOUR: Additionally, it is time to add in your bow. Take your choice of ribbon tie into a small bow. Then cover the twisted area of the wire on your wreath with a bow. And just like you are all done. Time to decorate your home with these beauties.

Fun additional embellishment items to customize your ornaments

  • To make your wreaths look more rustic, use a heat gun to darken the wood.
  • You can even customize by painting a few or all the beads in Christmas-themed colors.
  • Adding cloth or metallic tassels to the bottom of the wreath for flare.
  • Or add texture by using a variety of wooden bead sizes (small or large).

Other ways to use these Wreath Christmas Ornaments

  • Give them as homemade gifts.
    These adorable wreath ornaments make stunning package toppers. 
  • Make a garland string to hang on a mirror or your fireplace mantel.
  • Hang from your chandelier.
  • Adorable and stylish Wreath Christmas Ornaments napkin rings. (if having guests over, they can also be take-home gifts)

Wood Bead Wreath Christmas Ornaments Printable Instructions

DIY Farmhouse Wood Bead Ornaments are classic and will add a rustic, elegant feel to your home this holiday season. With the basic DIY, you can create any style you love! Together with family, you can create and cherish these wreaths as part of a memorable season.

Yield: 1

DIY Wood Bead Christmas Wreath Ornaments

Finished wooden beads Christmas ornaments

You'll love these rustic DIY wood bead wreath Christmas ornaments for your holiday tree this year. With just a few inexpensive materials - you can create these statement-making ornaments!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $1


  • Floral wire
  • Wood beads
  • Ribbon


  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutters


  1. Cut a piece of floral wire around 8 inches long. Thread the wood beads on the floral wire, leaving around one inch of wire exposed on each end.
  2. Twist the two ends together to secure the beads on the wire, then create a loop with the wire ends to hang the ornament on the tree.
  3. Form the wire into a circle to create a wreath.
  4. Cover the twisted area of the wire by tying a
    bow with the ribbon at the top of the wreath.

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