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Posted on: Jun 02, 2020


Big Lots: 20% Off Friends & Family Event (Reward Members) — 48 Comments

    • HI Lisa, Great Question!!!

      According to the fine print on the coupon, it states “May not be used in combination with any other offer, coupon, discount or associate discounts, but maybe
      combinedwithRewards.Valueisforfeitedifitem is returned.”

      There is no mention of this coupon being used in conjunction with a current sale. My thought is that you could absolutely use it, but to be on the safe side. I would just call your local store and ask.

  1. I was waiting for another Friends and Family Sale and even called the store at Arapahoe Crossing the end of June to find out the dates only to be told they did not have a date yet. I was never notified of the July sale and very disappointed to have missed this sale as needed a lot of items. You are either sending a lot of emails to me or none at all. What gives?

  2. Oh bummer, I was hoping they would have their 20% off in October like the post states but it looks like they had their sale in September instead.

  3. My experience is the cashiers will tell you which dates, if you ask them! She told me it’s the First weekend in April (2019)

  4. How do I print the coupon that has the part the cashier can scan?
    I just newly signed up as a rewards member 7/6/19 and the newest family and friends deal is this weekend 7/13/19-7/14/19. I have yet to receive and email with a coupon so I was going to print this coupon…

    When I click the black and red photo coupon on the page there is no “bar code” part.. also there is no fine print either that I would need to see.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Tessa,
      Big Lots has yet to release that coupon for us to print. When they make the formal announcement you will be able to print and the link will redirect to that coupon. You should get an email very soon. Have a great time shopping this upcoming weekend at Big Lots.

  5. Are you sure about the January 18 & 19th? 🙂 Just confirming. I have something I want to buy soon. I’ll wait for this date though.

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