How to Store Nail Polish: Organizing Storage Ideas

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Have a lot of nail polishes and are unsure of what type and kind of organizing system you would like to have? Look no further, we will cover starter organizers to large nail polish collections.

How to Store Nail Polish: Organizing Storage Ideas

Have you built up a good nail polish collection over the years, but you’ve realized you don’t have a great organization system set up?

Nail polishes can last a long time if kept well organized. Many of us have lots of nail supplies, kept in okay conditions. I have seen polishes kept on bathroom counters, in a bathroom closet, in a drawer in the living room. So to this I ask, “What is the best way to store nail polish?”

The next question I would ask is, “Where do you feel comfortable painting your nails?” Depending on this answer, we can come up with a great solution.

With a few simple storage solutions, you can turn your scattered collection into a nail-salon-quality organization system in your own home!

Where to Store Nail Polish Collection

Most nail polishes have a shelf life of two years. But I can tell you based on your storage solution you can extend the life. I have a few in my collection that are closing in on the five-year mark. Pretty impressive.

Temperature is a priority when it comes to storing your nail polish. But heat is the enemy and it can quickly make any polish go bad. This includes direct sunlight. Your nail polish must be in a cool environment that has a consistent temperature. 

Knowing how to store nail polish properly will prevent it from spoiling too soon. Here are a few do’s and don’ts.


  • Store it in a cool, dry place that has a consistent temperature.
  • Make sure that it’s clean and sealed properly.
  • Always keep the nail polish bottles upright.


  • Don’t store it near any heat or electrical sources.
  • Don’t store it in the bathroom.
  • Don’t store in direct sunlight.

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Take a Closer Look At Your Nail Polish Collection

To start your nail bottle organization journey, you’ll first want to determine what you’re working with. Some good questions to ask yourself could be:

  • How many bottles of polish do I have? And are they the same size?
  • What type of storage space am I working with?
  • What storage solutions do I already own?
  • What does my dream storage solution look like?

Most of us want easy access. We don’t want to have to pull out other items to reach far back into our closet to grab what we need. Accessibility is a must.

But first, we must declutter!

It is a fact that oftentimes; we use the same colors of polish, and others, well, get left behind. It is time to go through your collection and toss out what you no longer need, what is old, and narrow down your collection to polishes and manicure tools you’ll actually use.

Insider Tip: If you are unsure of how long you have had your polish, and the color has changed – toss it!

Storage Solution Ideas

Now let’s talk about display-type storage solutions. There are a lot of options out there. I will only cover my top three and favorite nail polish rack ideas. Placing your polish upright is best; then, you can display them by separating your nail colors. Some may find an inexpensive spice rack that can work well for them. However, I like having a specific storage container that is made for all types of polishes.

And they’re great for collections of all sizes. Keep scrolling for the best organizers to wrangle up every last one of your nail polish bottles, or nail polish remover and finally make your life clutter-free.

Erytlly Wall-Mounted Nail Polish Rack

Best Wall-Mounted Nail Color Organizer

If you want something that is assembly free you are going to love this rack. This fancy, scroll-design wall rack is surprisingly painless to put together and is a great space-saving option without overcrowding your bathroom counter or bathroom closet. With five steel shelves that house more than 50 nail polishes, this one puts your massive color-coordinated collection on full display beautifully.

Best Counter Top Display Organizer

Clear Acrylic Nail Holder From BTremary

Tired of rummaging through dresser drawers, purses trying to find your favorite color of lipstick or nail polish bottles? This acrylic nail polish organizer can create a beautiful space to keep your nail polish and essential oil bottles organized, secure, and ready for use, but doesn’t take up valuable space on your dresser. Has three trays, each holding 12 nail polishes for a grand total of 36 nail colors.

Best Starter Nail Polish Storage Organizer

BoxUp Clear Nail Polish Holder

Is your collection on the smaller side? You really can’t go wrong with this acrylic display stand. It’s simple, and sturdy and it can hold up to 15 polishes (or essential oils). Oh, and there’s no need to worry about assembling this organizer—another win in my book.

Best Drawer Divider Organizer

SpaceAid Bamboo Drawer Dividers

For those of you who don’t want to put up your nail polishes for display, neatly organizing them in a storage drawer will do the trick. This drawer diver can also hold more than just your nail colors. You can stash away nail files, and nail art supplies, along with your color palette of makeup.

Best Storage Case

ALCYON Universal Nail Polish Holder

Makeup cases have always been popular amongst makeup artists. So, why not have something similar for all of you nail fanatics out there, right?

It comes with 54 compartments, so you can always carry your nail colors with you on the go. The translucent walls make it easy to see inside the case, and the durable handle provides you with a comfortable grip.

Frequently Ask Questions About Storing Polish

Do I Have To Store Nail Polish Upright?

Another important consideration for organizing and storing nail polishes is what position you will keep them in. Since nail polishes need to be stored upright to avoid spillage, make sure the organizer of your choice is tall enough to accommodate all your nail polish colors upright.

How Long Can You Store Nail Polish?

The life span of nail varnishes varies from brand to brand. Typically, these stay good for as long as 24 months (or up to two years). However, if your bottle of nail paint still works well after the 24-month mark, feel free to use it as long as you like. I have a few that are much older. It also depends on your frequency of use.

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