Ten Awesome Tools to Help You Stay Organized

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These 10 tools for getting organized will help you get your life in order and find success at work and home.

Ten Awesome Tools to Help You Stay Organized

Let’s face it–most of us, when it comes right down to it, wish we could be more organized. Life is a lot easier when we are able to keep things organized. Being organized in your home, work, and personal life helps to save you time, money, and hassle. 

It can be challenging for some families though, especially during the busier seasons of life, spring sports, for example. It is the very first thing we let go of. Here are ten awesome tools that you can use to help keep your home and life organized. These are just a few of my favs.

A Toy Box with Lid

If you have young children with a lot of toys, as nice as keeping everything separated in clear plastic bins sounds, a toy box may be easier for you and them. In reality, it can be difficult for young children to keep all the toys sorted properly. 

A toy box with a lid still provides a place for all of the toys to be stored and out of the way. For our family, I love the dump-and-go. Everyone picks up and dumps the toys all in one spot. The lid means that you don’t have to look at the mess. It can provide a place for little bottoms to sit and read a book.

If the number of toys exceeds the capacity of the box it might be time to declutter or try some of these toy storage tips. 

Clear Plastic Storage Containers

Clear plastic storage containers like these are a necessity if you want to have an organized home. Since they are clear you can easily see what’s inside of them, and they stack easily. You can also put labels on the boxes so you know what you will find inside them. 

A Hall Tree With Storage

If you don’t have one already you might consider getting an entryway hall tree. This provides a place for everyone to store their book bags, shoes, coats, and purses which can make it easier to get out of the door. It also prevents these items from cluttering up your home! 

A Label Maker

If you want to get your home organized and keep it that way. You are going to want a label maker for all of those storage boxes. You can even put labels on shelves so that everyone in the family knows what should be stored there. They are great for marking leftovers and food in the freezer too! 

Over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizer

Over-the-door hanging shoe organizers aren’t just for shoes, especially if you live in a home that doesn’t have a lot of storage space.

You can use these organizers in bedrooms for toys, make-up, or accessories. Use them in your laundry room for cleaning products, or in the bathroom to store your soaps and shampoos. You could use them in your craft or homeschool room to hold supplies, or in your pantry to hold spices, pasta, and snacks. 

Lingerie Organizer

Chances are you throw all of your underwear and socks in one drawer, which eventually turns into a big mess where you can’t find what you need, like your favorite socks.

Not anymore! This lingerie organizer will keep everything neatly stashed away where you can find exactly what you need. Get some for yourself, your spouse, and your kids so everyone can store their things neatly! 

The Cozi App

Cozi is an app that helps to keep you and your family organized and on track. The app is free, though there is a paid version with enhanced features.

The free version has all that you need. Each family member gets a color code so you can see who needs to be where and when. You can also keep and share your grocery lists and to-do lists right on the app. 

Pantry Organizer

Do you find yourself struggling with keeping the canned goods in your pantry organized? Then do yourself a favor and get a pantry can organizer. A well-stocked pantry ensures that you can have a meal on the table in no time. Keeping it organized means that you know exactly what you have and what you need to stock up on. 

LED Stick On Lights

Do you find yourself getting frustrated by not being able to find what you need under the bathroom sink, or under the stove because there isn’t enough light? Get yourself some of these stick-on LED lights and your problems will be solved. Just tap the light and you will be able to quickly and easily find just what you need! 

Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Do you have a hard time keeping track of what’s inside your deep freezer, what you need from the grocery store or the meal plan for the week? Then this magnetic dry-erase board might be a game changer for you!

Put one on your deep freezer so that you can keep track of its contents and what needs to be replaced. Put one on the fridge to keep track of your grocery list, the foods already in there, or the meal plan for the week. 

So what do you think of these ten awesome tools to keep your home and life organized? Do you have any other favorite organizational tools that you would like to share? 

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