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Printable Valentine’s Day Card – “Kool” Friend – Kool-Aid Tag — 25 Comments

  1. how cute are these! very KOOL indeed. i am sure kids would love these for their valentine’s treats. happy early V DAy to you. joy

  2. This is the first I’ve seen a Kool Aid tag, this is really neat. I love that you shared these, I am going to share them with my friends looking for unique ideas for Valentine’s Day.

  3. Where you live Valentines day is celebrated by kids, too? Oh, how interesting! Where I’m from it’s only for adults and especially couples..

    • Oh Yes!!! It is a big deal. But you know…. my husband and I “date” our kids on Valentine’s day. We each take a child out for a nice dinner and spend one on one time with them. It is a tradition we have started long ago. For my daughter, we want to show her how she should be treated and for my son how he should treat a lady. We make is very special for both of them.

  4. We are not big on decorating for Valentine’s day but we do love giving and receiving cards or little handwritten notes. This DIY craft you shared would come in handy too. I think my grandson will be having a Valentines party at school. We can make this for him.

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