Brilliant DIY Mason Jar Kitchen Hack You Need to Try

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Mason jars are easily available in our home. They can help create some organized space in your pantry. See how this Amazing Mason Jar Lid Kitchen Hack will change your life.

Pictured three clear mason jars, with new green top lids - kitchen hacks

Brilliant DIY Mason Jar Kitchen Hack You Need to Try

In between canning season, I often have a lot of mason jars lying around that don’t get put to use how I originally intended to! During one of these seasons, I deemed one of these jars my favorite container for holding baking soda, cornstarch, and xanthan gum.

You may also be struggling with ways to keep your pantry staples organized. This genius mason jar lid cover hack will help you get organized, whether in the kitchen or the craft room! Just scroll down to get step-by-step instructions on how to make them.

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The story behind the Kitchen hack

I am so excited to share this simple solution. It involves just a few items and your cabinet will look a little neater. Have you ever had one of those productive moments where you felt like you accomplished more in 15 minutes than over the course of 3 days?  

For myself, it is tough to be productive as the kids keep me pretty busy. Although, I am thrilled to say that after supper last night I had an EPIPHANY!

The thought came mainly over my tiredness of staring at an open box of baking soda in my cabinet. REALLY! It is my only “powdery white substance” that is not in a proper container and labeled. Yes, yes, I do suffer from a little OCD.

Baking soda often comes in a box that isn’t resealable. It is tempting to open the box at the top like it says and leave it in your pantry, but you’ll notice that one of the suggested uses for baking soda is to place an open box in the fridge to let it absorb off odors and flavors.

Oy! I don’t want my baking soda absorbing any orders for baking.

For this reason, I recommend storing the baking soda in a separate airtight container.

I then started pulling out all my containers and really stumbled upon this idea.  We used grated parmesan cheese as part of our supper tonight. We honestly used every last little crumble on our spaghetti and completely emptied the container. 

Talk about PERFECT timing.  I took the top of the parmesan cheese container and married it to one of my large mason jars and GUESS what?? They are in love and so am I. The fit is just perfect.

Glass Mason jar with Parmesan Cheese lid - Kitchen Hack

My husband started to tease me. I immediately ran to get the camera out. “Thinking this is the best idea I have had in a long time!!” He even said, “I don’t think it is blog-worthy”. Well, SIR, I do and I hope you do too.

I probably could have used the plastic container from the original bottle of parmesan cheese, but after hearing so much about plastics and leaching toxins, I just went with glass. Plus, it is prettier. Sure, the plastic is at the top, but hey I tried my best. My baking soda is no longer absorbing odors from the air.

Other Genius Uses For Mason Jar Lid Hack

And….as you can imagine (wheels turning) you can use this fancy trick for storing other ingredients. Now, I would love to know what you are thinking.

What will you be storing using this newfound hack? 

  • Homemade carpet powder – sprinkle and store.
  • Powdered Coffee Creamer
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Cornstarch
  • Powdered drink mix
  • Homemade meat rubs
  • Bread crumbs
  • Chia Seeds
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Anything you believe you need to be organized in a nice mason jar with a fitting top.

And the ideas can stretch further than just the ideas listed above. I found on Buzz Feed someone who used the holes in the parmesan cheese lid for their straw and had a very nice afternoon drink.

Don’t have any mason jars, you can purchase these adorable ones and get started on reorganizing your baking goods.

Another Smart Idea For Carpets

You can also fill this same jar with baking soda and in about 30 drops of your favorite essential oils. Shake! Guess what you just made? Carpet Powder. Sprinkle on your carpet. Let set 10 – 15 minutes. Vacuum. Goodbye odors. 

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amazing kitchen hack - using any size mason jar you can switch the tops to a new top with holes

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  1. Thank u for sharing ive been wanting to buy bulk baking soda but i didnt have any ideas on how to store a large amount in my stockpile this is perfect and i just happen to have ample amounts of large mason jars and we go through so much parm cheese it wont take me much timeat all to collect the tops! #genious

  2. totally blog worthy !! i never thought about the fact that it absorbs odors !! duh okay time to get a container !!

  3. I love it!! I too buy my powders in bulk and I was looking for a container to hold my baking soda and baking powder that had a level.

  4. I for one am very happy you found it to be blog worthy! I buy my baking powder in large bags – so am always having to dip into a flour sized container for a tsp. here and there for cooking, now I can transfer some back to the cabinet:)

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