How to Make Your Home Look Expensive on a Budget

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Take inspiration from these inexpensive home improvement tips and discover how to make a home look expensive on a budget.

How to Make Your Home Look Expensive on a Budget

Your home is your safe place, your happy place, not just for you, but for your family as well.

It’s only natural that you want it to feel as relaxing, luxurious, and comforting as possible.

Sometimes, though, budget constraints can prevent us from adding or doing the things that we might like to make our home feel more luxurious.

That’s why you need these helpful tips and tricks to will make your home feel more luxurious without having to spend a fortune to have them. 

Upgrade Your Hardware

It’s amazing how taking basic cabinets and adding unique knobs can create the major wow factor.

Make your home look and feel more luxurious by upgrading and updating your hardware.

Changing out the knobs, drawer pulls, and hinges on cabinet doors and drawers can instantly make your home look more luxurious.

This is such a simple way to make cabinets and drawers look newer and more modern without having to spend a fortune. 

Paint the Cabinets

Have your kitchen or bathroom cabinets seen better days?

Maybe they have stains or are peeling and no amount of cleaning them is going to bring them back to life.

Give those cabinets a good sanding and a fresh coat of paint. The transformation is inexpensive and amazing!

Adding Molding, Wall Trim, or Architectural Details

 Adding millwork, or some form of wall treatment to your spaces is a huge plus for adding a layer of luxury.

It is in the details that we find character and uniqueness.

You can DIY or you can hire a professional. The details in trim and added molding will also increase the value of your home.

Decluttering your Home

You may not realize it, but unnecessary clutter in your home can prevent it from feeling luxurious or even homey.

Take it one room at a time if you need to, but make it a point to declutter your home.

Getting rid of clutter can save you money, make it easier to stay organized, make your home feel more luxurious, and it doesn’t cost you a dime!  

And decluttering doesn’t cost a thing!

Replace Your Bedding and Towels – Easy Way to Look Expensive on a Budget

Often when we are trying to spruce up our homes, the towels and bedding may be forgotten.

If you are trying to give your home a more luxurious look and feel, consider whether it’s time to upgrade your towels and bedding.

You don’t have to do it all at once. This can still be a frugal home improvement. White linen can make your bedroom feel clean and crisp.

Like walking into a luxury hotel,

Keep an eye out for sales where you may be able to buy one, get one half off and consider using sites where you can earn cashback on your purchases like Rakuten. 

Adding Mirrors

If you want to improve the lighting in your home and make it look and feel larger than it really is, consider hanging some nice mirrors on the walls.

Ideally, you will hang them where the natural light from your windows will reflect in them, making the room feel lighter and airier. 

Mirrors are real multitaskers when it comes to decor upgrades.

They can create an illusion of making your home Look Expensive on a Budget.

Bring in some Greenery or Flowers

Bringing some plants indoors helps to improve your air quality and makes your home look and feel more luxurious.

You can get some houseplants, or simply purchase a bouquet of fresh flowers to place on your dining room table.

Look for plants that are easy to care for, and if you have a notoriously black thumb, silk plants are also an option.

Just make sure that you remember to dust them! 

Consider Floor to Ceiling Drapes

Full-length curtains make your home look as though it was custom designed even if it wasn’t.

You can choose neutral colors or you can choose big bold colors to make a statement in your space.

If you are trying to make your room look bigger, make sure to hang the curtain rod a little higher and wider than the window itself.

You will be amazed at the difference this makes! I love these luxury-for-less curtains from Amazon.

Give Your Home a Nice Smell 

Making sure that your home smells nice is another way to make it feel more luxurious and comfortable.

The scent doesn’t have to be overwhelming, just a little subtle scent that makes you think of home.

You can achieve this subtle scent with candles, diffusers, incense, or cleverly placed wax melts. 

These are just a few budget-friendly tips that you can use to make your home look expensive on a budget.

Most of these projects could be done in a day or certainly over a weekend, and you will love the difference that they make.

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