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Get 100% wild-caught Alaskan seafood delivered to your home through Sitka Salmon Shares. They provide you with a share of locally caught fish through family-owned and operated boats. 

Fresh Alaskan Seafood Delivery Box – Meet Sitka Salmon Shares

Tired of heading to the local grocery store for “fresh fish” that has been mislabeled.  Really? Does “Fresh” mean that day is caught or within the week? I am not sure.

Frankly, quite often this “fresh fish” is actually freshly thawed. Frozen fish is often thawed and refrozen several times before it gets in your freezer,

There’s no place in Alaska where you’re more likely to catch different types of fresh and delicious-tasting fish. The region of Alaska, known as Sitka, is ideal for catching many great varieties of fish.

This area is known for having many coves and islands that create an ideal habitat for halibut, cod & salmon. 

There’s no bigger fishing town in Southeast Alaska.

About Sitka Salmon

Sitka Salmon Shares: A fully integrated community-supported fishery (CSF), that provides members with a “share” of the catch throughout the year, much like a CSA.  

Each share includes a curated selection of the wild Alaskan seafood harvested, delivered monthly, 3 to 9 times a year, you decide.

 From my personal experience in my kitchen, I’m certain that once you taste just one piece of their harvest, nothing else will compare. The quality of the fish is outstanding. We even had a chance to try halibut. Boy, was it delicious!

I tell you the truth when I say you will not want to shop your local grocery store for “fresh” fish again. 

Alaska waters provide the best seafood and what better way to get the recommended two servings of seafood for better health.

Sitka Shares home delivery box

There Is Nothing Fishy About Sitka Shares

We have been a part of the Sitka Shares community for three months now. We have been able to try a variety of “new” to us fish. 

Each box comes with handpicked freshly frozen fish along with a recipe card. You will not be left in the dark about how to prepare your fish. This was a big plus for us when we received Alaskan Rock bass and Halibut in our 2 summer box shares. 

It is a fun new adventure with each monthly delivery. I am not sure who gets more excited, myself or my kids. 

Receiving Your Fresh Alaskan Seafood

You can enroll in your very own Sitka Salmon Share right here! This is for the 2023 Premium Sitka Seafood Share program.  

Offer valid for the 2023 season.

The fish will be delivered right to your door on dry ice. A regular share box will be roughly about 5 pounds a month, a family share is about 10 pounds, and a neighborhood share about 12-15 pounds.

You can find the best option for your family and needs. 

Every share seafood box does contain the vessel name that caught your delivery.

How it works

  • Choose the type of share delivery box option you want. (please note they do run seasonally)
  • Create an account to manage where to receive your share box. Subscriptions may be canceled, paused, or renewed at any time.
  • That’s it!!! You are all set to go. 

From their dock straight to your doorstep

Get fresh Alaskan seafood delivered from local small boat Sitka fishermen directly to your door.

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  1. This is so great! The only way to eat fish is to get it from a great fresh resource like this. You never know what you’ll get at the store!

  2. Alaskan Seafood Delivery Box sounds so fun! I love fresh fish and I usually eat them with herbs and spices. So yummy!

  3. Whoa! That sounds really neat! I love the idea of getting fish straight from the boat to your home. That’s crazy that they can keep it frozen through shipping.

  4. I just came back from Canada and Alaska on honeymoon and I love that place! The seafood is so fresh too

  5. wow. salmon. this must really be delicious. and the freshness also is kept. who wouldn’t love this?

    cha @

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