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Receive FREE Bible Bookmarks By Mail — 19 Comments

  1. just so that when i am studying i can use them to rember where my place is at in the books that i will be studying

  2. I would love to bless the young women who are in a rehab center and recently gave their lives to God. These ladies are so excited for the word of GOD.

  3. Good day. I would like to receive free book marks please. I would like to encourage people to stay with God. He will come through for you. I’m expecting over 200 people, but I’d be delighted with whatever you send me. I’m not making a demand, just what you can do. Thank you kindly. God bless you richly and always and continue to bless the work of your hands and multiply you greatly in Jesus Name.

  4. How can I get several of these book marks Jen so I can pass out, I have about 200 christian teaching cds and I would love some of these bookmarks also.

    • Hi Joyce,

      I am actually not sure other than being able to ask the company directly. They are wonderful bookmarks. I have them myself. I do hope they can send you what you need. Spreading the love of God is just the perfect gift

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