20 Things You Can Clean In One Minute Or Less

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Short on time to keep your home clean? You only need sixty seconds to check one of these jobs off your to-do list. Here are 20 things you can clean in one minute or less.

20 Things You Can Clean In One Minute Or Less

Are you tired of spending hours scrubbing and cleaning your home? Imagine being able to tackle multiple cleaning tasks in one minute or less. Yes, maybe you are thinking a dream come true, but I am telling you that you can do it.

With these effortless cleaning tips, you can achieve a pristine living space without the time-consuming hassle. From countertops to remote controls, get ready to learn how to clean 20 different things in just a minute each. Let’s take the time that you have and streamline your cleaning routine.

1. Kitchen Countertops and Flat Surfaces

To keep your kitchen looking its best, don’t forget to give your countertops and surfaces a quick wipe down. In just 60 seconds, you can remove crumbs, spills, and dust, leaving your kitchen looking fresh and inviting. You can even set your timer to help you stay on track.

2. Kitchen Sink

This changes if your kitchen sink is filled with dishes. However, you can set a timer and see how many dishes you can clean in less than ten minutes. Then you can wipe down your kitchen sink in just a few minutes.

One of my favorite cleaners for my stainless steel sink is Bar Keepers Friend. It brightens and shines my sink in a minute.

3. Remote Controls and Electronics

Remote controls and electronics are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning, but they can harbor a surprising amount of dirt and germs. A quick way to clean them is to use a disinfecting wipe or a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol.

Simply wipe down the buttons, surfaces, and crevices of your remotes and electronic devices to remove any grime and bacteria.

4. Light Switches and Door Handles

Next on your cleaning list should be light switches and door handles. These high-touch surfaces are prime targets for dirt and bacteria buildup, especially in busy households. A quick wipe down with a disinfectant wipe or a cloth dampened with a cleaning solution will help ensure that these frequently used areas are germ-free.

5. Shower Head

A quick and easy way to freshen up your bathroom is to clean your shower head. Simply fill a plastic bag with white vinegar, secure it around the shower head with a rubber band, and let it sit for about 30 minutes.

Afterward, remove the bag and run hot water through the shower head to rinse off any residue. Though the soaking time was much longer than a minute, the task itself will take just a few seconds to do.

6. Junk Mail

Are you always tossing that junk mail in one spot? Let’s change that. It is time too quickly to go through your junk mail. You can sort through your junk mail in less than a minute and determine whether or not you need to investigate or read a piece of mail later.

7. Your Cellphone

We use our phones every day and they often get tossed in places they should be. Like the bathroom sink. However, we need to consider cleaning it much more often. Start by turning off your phone and removing it from its case.

Clean the sides and back of your phone with a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol, and wipe down your phone case inside and out. Lastly, polish your screen with a microfiber cloth. When not in use, you can turn to this handy UV sanitizer.

8. Make Your Bed

Making your bed as soon as you awake in the morning means you have accomplished one task in the first five minutes of your day. Now that is productivity. The simple act of making your bed can make the whole room look cleaner and tidier.

9. Clean Your Garbage Disposal

While you may have just cleaned your kitchen sink, you can easily move on to the next minute or less cleaning task. Cleaning your garbage disposal.

There are many methods for cleaning your disposable but the quickest is tossing some ice cubes and baking soda down it. Turn your garbage disposal and faucet on and let the water run for a full 30 seconds.

10. Leftovers

This may take longer than a minute, but if you have a minute to spare, you can quickly go through any leftover food in the fridge. Determining if the leftovers are a keep or have been in the fridge much too long.

The rule of thumb is one week for most cooked food. If you still have time, you can check those expiration dates on the jars in your fridge.

11. Wiping down the glass surfaces in your fridge

Once you have gone through your leftovers, you might as well take another minute (or two) and wipe down the glass shelving. If something has spilled or splattered, dampen a paper towel with warm water and wipe it up.

Even those two steps will make your fridge look much cleaner!

12. Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes is a job that seems like it will take longer than it does. But even if you only have one minute to spare, you have plenty of time to clean a makeup brush! You can choose to use a special cleaner or you can use a mild soap with warm water.

13. Coffee Table

Have a few things left on your coffee table from your last tv bing watching session? You can quickly collect dirty dishes, toss and trash, and give it a good wipe down with a cleaner and paper towels. And you can do it all in less than a minute. This alone can make your living room look cleaner.

14. Entryway

The front door is the place in our home where shoes like to collect. Hang up coats, hats, and bags, put discarded shoes where they belong, and sweep up any stray dirt or debris that has gotten tracked inside.

15. Unload Dishes from Dishwasher

Have clean dishes sitting your dishwasher, well it is time to get them unloaded. If you have a minute to spare, go ahead and unload those clean dishes! It doesn’t take nearly as long as loading the dishwasher. I like to turn this into a game myself. To see how fast I can get it done.

16. Your Kitchen Sponge

This has to be the easier thing you can do and the best for your kitchen health. You can increase its mileage by nuking your damp sponge in the microwave to kill bacteria. Simple wet, squeeze, and pop inside of the microwave for exactly a minute.

17. Empty the kitchen trash

With minimal effort, you can simply empty the kitchen trash. Rubbish has a way of piling up quickly. You can empty the trash and replace the trash bag with a clean one fast. If you have more time, you can expand your efforts by empty the trash from every room in your home.

18. Clean the Outside of Your Kitchen Appliances

This is a quick task that can be a daily chore. Giving the outside of your kitchen appliances a good wipe-down. Fingerprints can add up especially if you have little hands opening up the fridge often. After all your one minute cleaning tasks, you will have a clean kitchen.

19. Pick Up Piles of Laundry

Have kids or maybe a husband who likes to leave dirty clothes on the floor. This is a quick chore that you can do. Go ahead and pick up that dirty laundry and put it in its proper place. Bonus points for sorting them as you go.

20. Start a Load of Laundry

You’ve already done the hard part and picked all the dirty clothes up off the floor. So why not toss a load into the washing machine? It only takes a few minutes and leaves room for the next pile of laundry your kids decide to toss on the floor.

The good news is that these little quick cleaning tasks add up fast. If you make one-minute tasks a part of your daily routine, expect to have a much cleaner and more organized house. The next time you have a free minute, let’s do something great.

I would love to know if you have any one-minute chores that you could add to this list. Leave us a comment below.

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