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Get a FREE 3-Month SiriusXM trial subscription and listen to whatever you love in your car, online, on the SiriusXM app and at home. No Credit Card Required. See Offer Details below.

SiriusXM Free Trial No Credit Card Needed

Music makes us all happy and with SiriusXM radio you can listen anytime. You can listen inside your car or outside your car with your phone, labtop or online.

Regardless of which one you choose, you can get a three-month free trial. The difference is that, if you want to listen to SiriusXM inside your vehicle, you won’t be required to give the company your credit card information. Basically you need to have a car to get this offer without using a credit card.

And yep. You will get every channel available on your radio, including every premium channel, plus stream online and on the app.Available only on eligible, inactive factory-equipped satellite radios. Start your FREE 3-month trial of SiriusXM Satellite Radio! You can listen to over 200 channels of music for FREE! How awesome is that?  No credit card required.

You can sign up here for your FREE 3-month trial of SiriusXM radio. 

How to Activate SiriusXM Free Trial

This part will depend on whether you now own a pre-owned vehicle or a brand new one.

  • New vehicle owners—In case you’ve purchase a new car, it might come with a factory-installed SiriusXM. If that’s the case, your trial should be active from the moment of purchase
  • Pre-owned car owners—If you’ve purchased a used car, ask the dealer whether the vehicle came with an active free trial. This is highly unlikely, but it doesn’t hurt to ask

What if I am not a car owner?

The situation is a bit different if you’re not a car owner or don’t want to connect the service with your car’s radio. A credit card is required to start a SiriusXM free trial on other devices, and additional fees and taxes apply as well. 

What happens after my trial has ended

Whether the free trial renews automatically or not depends on the option you chose when creating your SiriusXM account. The company will not ask you for credit card information if you opt for the Listen Inside Your Car option. 

However, if you opted to give them your credit card information you may be asked to update your account for new payment options.

You can view their most popular packages here.

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