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Posted on: Mar 01, 2020


Price Chopper Sale on Chest Freezer! Pay $199 and Get $200 of FREE Coupons Back! — 43 Comments

  1. Are the food mix and match cause some of the products we do not use and are they free products not so much of in coupons

  2. are there conditions on the coupons and are they straigh up free items or buy 1 get one free type coupons. the deal seems too good to be true honestly.

    • They are absolutely FREE. No string attached. Well other than purchasing a freezer 🙂 This is not a new promotion for Price Chopper. They have skipped over it the last two years, but use to be an annual promotion.

  3. I bought a freezer this week, my store had at least 6 more left in the freezer aisle. This week, some fruit is b1g1, as well as the Pierogis, so with the free coupons, it is 2 free of each of those items. I o my used about half of the coupons book, and saved over $150. I will go back this week to use the rest of the coupons.

  4. I purchased the RCA 5 cu ft freezer today from my local Price Chopper. It’s the first day of the promotion. When I called this morning to find out how many they had available they relayed a quantity of 8. That was at 9 am. I headed to the store 5 hours later and they had 2 left in addition to one they had set up as a display out of the box. I don’t know if they were counting the out of box unit as part of the 8. So, just know that these are going fast. And I definitely think the very real possibility that we’re going to be heading into a pandemic here in the U.S. with the quickly creeping Coronavirus is the reason why they will be selling out so quickly. I purchased it mainly because I’d been wanting a freezer chest for a few years now. Other stores are charging more than $199 for this particular model. When I saw the email flyer advertising the $200 in free groceries added on, that sealed the deal for me. It also doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Just saying.

    I’ve put a list below of all the coupons in the 2020 free coupon booklet. There are 69 in totality. 22 of them are NOT frozen foods…they are a mixture of refrigerated and non refrigerated food items.

    -Alexia Fries or Onion Rings – 13.5-28 oz, All Varieties
    -Wyman’s Frozen Fruit – 15 oz, Select Varieties
    -Marie Callender’s Pot Pies – 10 oz, All Varieties
    -Pictsweet Farms Favorites – 8-12 oz, Select Varieties
    -Skippy Frozen P.B. & Jelly Minies – 8 oz, All Varieties
    -Hot Pockets or Lean Pockets – 8.5-9 oz, All Varieties
    -Yasso Bars – 14 oz, Select Varieties
    -Bachman Cheese Jax – 9.75 oz
    -Hood Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches – 32 oz, Select Varieties
    -Wild Mike’s Fun Size Pizza – 14.39-14.67 oz
    -My Mo Mochi Ice Cream – 9.1 oz, All Varieties
    -Talenti Gelato or Sorbet – 16 oz, Select Varieties (Excluding Layers)
    -Magnum Ice Cream Bars – 9.12-11.1 oz, All Varieties
    -Ben & Jerry’s Pint Slices – 9-10 oz, All Varieties
    -Mrs. T’s Pierogies – 12-16 oz, All Varieties
    -Sparkling Ice Spring Water – 17 oz
    -Atkins Entrees – 5.8-9 oz, All Varieties or Scrambles, 7 oz
    -Dole Frozen Acai Bowls – 6 oz, Select Varieties
    -Chloe’s Fruit Bars – 10 oz, All Varieties
    -Value Crab Cake – 2 oz
    -Reames Homestyle Egg Noodles – 12 oz
    -Devour Entrees – 10-12 oz, All Varieties
    -Duncan Hines Frozen Gooey Bake – 10 oz, All Varieties
    -Celeste Pizza for One – 5-5.96 oz, All Varieties
    -Banquet Classic Meals – 8.5-11 oz, Select Varieties
    -Banquet Pot Pies – 7 oz, All Varieties
    -Auntie Anne’s Soft Pretzels – 13.4 oz
    -Pictsweet Farms Vegetables for Roasting – 18 oz, All Varieties
    -Twisted Ranch Sandwich Spread – 13 oz
    -McCormick Flavor Cubes – 2.53 oz
    -McCormick Tasty Seasoning – 1.8-3 oz
    -MorningStar Farms Meat Alternatives – 5.25-12 oz, All Varieties
    -Domino Golden Sugar – 1.75 lbs
    -Hanover Frozen Vegetables – 10.5-12 oz, Select Varieties
    -Friendly’s’ Ice Cream Bars or Cones – 16.5-24 oz, All Varieties
    -PEDE Pizza Dough – 16 oz
    -Friendship Cottage Cheese – 5 oz
    -Delizza Macaroons – 4.65 oz
    -Ben & Jerry’s Frozen Chunk Cookie Dough – 8 oz
    -Chef Boyardee 14.5-15 oz, All Varieties or Microwavable – 7.25-7.5 oz
    -Hunt’s Diced Tomatoes – 14.5 oz, Select Varieties
    -Edwards Single Serve Pies – 5.34-6.5 oz, All Varieties
    -Mama Rosie’s Pasta – 20-25 oz, All Varieties or Eggplant Parmesan 12 oz
    -Smucker’s Ice Cream Topping – 11.75-12.25 oz, Select Varieties
    -Hershey’s Snack Size 5 Packs – 2.25-3 oz, Reese’s Cups, Kit Kat, Almond Joy or Mounds
    -Joy Sugar Cones – 5 oz
    -Snickers Fun Size Bars – 6 Pack 3.4 oz
    -Del Monte Veggieful or Contadina Pizzetta Frozen Bites – 7.5 oz
    -InnovAsian Vegetable Fried Rice – 18 oz
    -Launch Box Frozen Sandwiches – 7.62 oz
    -Vermont Creamery Butter – 8 oz
    -Tai Pei Entrees – 7.9-11 oz, Select Varieties
    -Kodiak Cakes Maple & Brown Sugar Flapjacks – 15.38 oz
    -Bai Drinks – 18 oz, All Varieties
    -Dr. Oetker Virtuoso Pizza – 11.5-13.8 oz, All Varieties
    -PICS Ice Cream Pints – 16 oz, All Varieties
    -PICS Steambag Vegetables – 10-10-8 oz, Select Varieties
    -PICS Ice Cream Sandwiches 12 Ct – 38.4-42 oz, Select Varieties
    -PICS Frozen Fruit – 12-16 oz, Select Varieties
    -PICS Cheese Garlic Bread, Toast or stuffed Breadsticks – 11.5 -13 oz, Select Varieties
    -PICS Gourmet Coffee – 10-12 oz Bag, All Varieties
    -PICS Canned Fruit – 29-30 oz, Select Varieties
    -PICS Cheese Spread – 7-8 oz, All Varieties
    -PICS Snack Crackers – 13.7 oz
    -PICS Cottage Cheese – 16 oz, All Varieties
    -PICS Sugar Cones 12 Ct – 5 oz
    -PICS Ice Cream Bars 12 Pack – 30 oz, All Varieties or Eclair Bars 6 Pack 18 oz
    -PICS French Fries – 22.5-32 oz, All Varieties or Hash Brown Patties 10 Pack
    -PICS Frozen Vegetables – 32 oz, Select Varieties

    The only question is this? For the coupons that say “select varieties”, how do you know what specific variety the coupon covers? I’ll be asking them this at the customer service desk beforehand as I don’t want to waste time putting items in my cart that the coupons don’t cover. I’m going to try to get all 69 items in one shot which is going to be a bit like a supermarket sweep treasure hunt. Hopefully it all fits in the freezer! Ha!

  5. Just got the last freezer at the Owego, NYstore and was happy because it was just what my husband was looking for. Question: so if a coupon item is buy one get one free does that count and do I get two free items?

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