Grocery Coupon Savings Tracker – See Your Savings At A Glance

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Tired of overspending at the grocery store? Looking for help to keep you on track with your grocery spending? This Grocery Coupon Savings Tracker will help you track your savings & spending in one easy-to-spot.

Grocery Savings Tracker – See All Your Savings At A Glance

Want to know exactly how much store sales and coupons you are saving? Want to track your grocery spending against a budget? Of course, you do! I developed this Grocery Coupon Savings Tracker as a tool that I like to use at home. It is one way that I keep my family’s grocery budget in check. 

I can see exactly what I am spending, savings, and how much I have left in my budget before I go to the market.  It is a quick and easy way to help you see your spending and savings all at one glance. You can even download the file to your smartphone and manipulate it on the run. This way you can also see your savings on the go!

You know as well as I do, the fun of saving money at the grocery store is being able to see all your savings. Couponing can be overwhelming, but if you can view your monthly savings all in one spot, it will encourage you to keep going. 

Plus, make sure you read this article about supermarket traps. Keep your eyes peeled for budget-busting items.

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How This Grocery Coupon Savings Tracker Works

After you download the Coupon Savings Tracker, it is quite easy. The very first tab on the tracker will walk you through the process with a step-by-step guide. This is your easy guide instructions. This will walk you through the process of filling it out.

Don’t worry at all. You’ll only be entering three numbers off your receipt. The rest is pre-calculated for you. I have formulated each block to a specific calculation.

Three Numbers You Need to Know

  • The amount you spend out of your pocket (or OOP)
  • The dollar amount of savings. This number should be easily seen at the bottom of your receipt. Most stores will do this for you.
  • And of course tax. Which will always vary by state.

This is just one example and part of the January summary sheet. 

Again, everything else is automatically calculated. Your at-a-glance spreadsheet will provide you with your remaining budget and provide your savings along the way! ONLY enter your information in the spaces that allow it. You will see what I mean once you read through the instructions (first tab – after download)

What Numbers Are Auto-Calculate On Savings Tracker

  • Percentage saved on every shopping trip
  • Total percent saved for each month
  • Monthly budget tracker
  • Total yearly spending and savings summary

Download Your Grocery Savings Tracker

You are welcome to use this for your PERSONAL USE for FREE. This download is available only through the use of Excel. I am especially thankful for the many ways I have been blessed with a job that I love. I do hope that you enjoy this spreadsheet as much as I do.


Don’t have Excel?

I have a few solutions. If you don’t have Excel, your best bet is to simply download Open Office. It’s free and compatible with both Mac and PC. You’ll then be able to open Word docs and Excel spreadsheets, including the ones above! I’ve used it myself and it works great.

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