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Jennifer Schreiner – Owner & Publisher

Inspiring Savings – a money-saving blog that features the latest deals, frugal recipes, and most important, the “how to” strategies for saving more money. Hi, I am Jennifer. I am so excited that you found us.

Beginning in 2011, I started this website after lots of encouragement from friends and family who wanted to learn how to coupon effectively and efficiently. I must have been doing something right.

We needed to save money, but how could I contribute to my family’s income without taking on another job?  After major renovations to our family’s home budget, some life style changes and the addition of couponing I was able to reach my goal of becoming a full time stay at home mom. Funny how motherhood set in motion a whole different set of financial goals.

Prior to becoming a “Super Saver” I have and will always be a Register Nurse, my trade. I earned by Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing from Russell Sage College (In Troy, NY). I love caring for others and helping those in need. I am proud to say that I can continue to do just that through blogging.


Couponing is just one of the many tools that will enhance your savings goals. Here at Inspiring Savings we will show you how you can manage your grocery spending with less time and ease, all while saving money. Yes, you can cut your grocery bill in half and possibility more.

We are not “extreme couponers”, we are “extreme savers or extreme givers”. Through my journey through life I learned that this is not my family’s money, it is God’s.  Yes, we have been given the responsibly and have been entrusted to spend what God has given us wisely. My heart is to help others learn how to better manage their finances God’s way and I want to join others on their journey to live faithfully by God’s word.

If you are new to Inspiring Savings I encourage you to sign up for our daily newsletter. You can sign up by visiting our main page and adding your email into our “newsletter sign up” box. Join in on our community of savers and see the difference you make on your wallet (It will get lighter, believe me).

I challenge you, to Live Simply & Save.

Thank you for visiting Inspiring Savings and thanks for learning more about me. Want to introduce yourself or get in touch for any reason? – Contact me Jen@Inspiringsavings.com

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As couponers and saving experts we spend a lot of time at the register getting to know the next person in line. At times, they are absolutely amazed by your savings. “Where did you get all those coupons?”


Now you can gracelessly hand them our card and say with confidence, I found my deals on Inspiring Savings.

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  1. Hi Jennifer love your blog, it is living its name. Just saw your Xmas section and wanted to share something on this. I have some stuff for your readers. xx ricky

  2. I just had to post and say you totally saved me! I had never been to an Aldi before, and it was smooth trip thanks to your tips! So thank you very much!

  3. I just wanted to let you two know what a difference this website has made in my life. There are a ton of websites out there about saving and coupons, but this site remains my favorite. It is easy to navigate, dependable, and while it doesn’t encourage extreme couponing (a good thing in my book!), it does help you find the cheapest way to get what you need!! Thank you so much for all that you do.

    • Hi Jeana! Thank you for taking the time to let me know how you feel about Inspiring Savings. I am really touch. I try my very best to be a good resource for couponing. Thank you for making my day.

  4. I came to your website through the Hot Coupon World forum and feel very blessed to have found it. I can search through all of my area stores without wasting valuable time on deals that aren’t available locally. I used to subscribe to several other national deal blogs and found it time consuming. I feel as though you’ve just freed up some very precious time that I can use better elsewhere. Thank you!

  5. I have been off work almost 6 months due to health reasons. I need help on finding the right coupons for the food we eat and for the beverages/coffees that we drink. The loss of almost $5K per month x 6 has been devastating to the budget. I have never used coupons until of lately. I need your help please and thank you for starting this up.

    • Hi Helen, Thank you so much for following us on Inspiring Savings. I am so glad you started couponing. It makes such a difference. Continue to follow us and learn all about the way you can save. I would start on our couponing 101 tab. Next, you will need to get yourself organized this one of the most important steps to coupoining. Get all your coupons organized. Take a look at this article. Helen if at anytime you have questions please drop us a comment. No question is ever SILLY. I am here to help. Thanks again for following us. I am excited to have you on board

  6. I can not tell you how excited I am to find your blog! I was trying very hard to coupon a couple years ago but got frustrated because it seemed that everyone doing tutorials and match ups lived so far and the deals didn’t seem to work. But since you are in Troy and I’m in Cobleskill are your blog will new perfect. Thank you so much!

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