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Advertising with Inspiring Savings is a smart business decision. You will be reaching out to thousands of men & women in the Northeast as well as around the country.  Inspiring Savings receives over 80,000 page views a month and has over 800 daily email & RSS subscribers.  Inspiring Savings also has a very strong social media presence with over 6700 active & involved Facebook Fans, 8600 Follower on Instagram and over 26,600 Twitter followers.Inspiring Savings logo 3-2

There are a variety of ways you can work with Inspiring Saving:

Each option below can be uniquely set up to represent your brand or business.

*Banner Advertising – Several sizes & locations for image ads which would be displayed on the right sidebar of the blog. There is only space for a select few advertisers to keep it uncluttered. We want to feature your business with not overwhelming our readers and highlighting your ad space.

*Sponsored Post – One of the best way to highlight your company or a specific product, service, or sale can be established through blog post. This post will stretch across all our social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

*Giveaways – Product reviews & giveaways are a fantastic way to gain a lot of interest & buzz for your product or service. They can be structured to drive traffic to your social media sites or generate leads for your email newsletters. There are many ways to personalize and direct traffic to your business website.

*Conference Sponsorship

*Brand Ambassadorships – Let us represents your brand in a positive way. We will show case your product.

These are just a few of the ways that Inspiring Savings can partner with your business or company.  We’d be happy to work together with you to create a more customized marketing plan that will benefit your company the best!

Have questions or inquires please contact us for more information. You can also request a media kit with advertising prices, giveaway rates, guidelines & other marketing options. Please feel free to contact our consulting marketing director Jen Schreiner at


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