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The best way to get familiar with couponing is to review your store’s coupon policy (what they will accept and what they will not).  I have heard it said many times, print your store’s policy and have it handy with you when go shopping.

Why in the world should I carry my store’s coupon policy with me??

  • Most cashiers don’t know their store’s policy and usually will have to call a manager over and get this sometime the manager has no clue.

Even though you know what is “right”, Please, please, please don’t become confrontational, rather politely hand them the policy and explain how you thought you understood the policy to read. Then, if you need to ask for a manager; policy in hand!  We are all learning and policies change.

Find Your Grocery Store Coupon Policy

BJ’s Wholesale

Commissary (DeCa)


Dollar General

Family Dollar


Price Chopper

Rite Aid



Stop & Shop





Whole Foods

If you would like another store’s policy list, please comment below and I will see what I can dig up.  


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