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Posted on: Jan 15, 2020


Five “Necessities” To Eliminate – Reducing Your Monthly Expenses! — 5 Comments

  1. Honestly I’m surprised that there are still people who haven’t cancelled their cable, and especially surprised that there are people who still have a landline. Who the heck doesn’t have their cellphone on them 24/7 nowadays? I’m not even one of the really heavy smartphone users but I still have mine with me all the time. And considering that almost every cellphone plan has unlimited minutes nowadays there is really no reason to have a landline anymore.

    • Some of us still live in the boonies with no cell service. It is either a landline or everyone standing on the same hill because that’s where the signal is. Same for cable. When sattelite internet is the only option many people choose the cable for the cheaper price.

  2. Another tip…. price out your car insurance most stay with the same company year after year after year… we did some pricing and I got the same coverage with and added a car for almost $700 less a year…. after that savings we did the same with our home owners insurance…. our savings was $500!

    2nd tip: many pay for trash removal again price it out going to a new vendor you may even get three months free and save the approximately $700 second year if you don’t price it out again about $350.

    I’m sorry to say I still have a landline and will continue as long as I have kids and grandkids in my home. Being able to pick up phone dial 911 and the person on the other end knows where you are is so much more valuable than saving $30 bucks a month!!

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