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Price Chopper Grocery Store – Coupon Policy on Competitor Coupon Use! — 1 Comment

  1. Price Chopper needs to figure out what they want to do, and stick to it. I definitely appreciate that they streamlined their coupon policy so that it is consistent from store to store, which was enacted last year, but there have definitely been issues regarding competitor’s coupons. They must be VERY exact in what they will and will not accept. I believe that they SHOULD accept competitor’s dollar doublers, since they are technically a competitor’s coupon. If, for example, it comes in Stop and Shop’s flyer (much like Price Chopper’s doublers do), you should be able to use them without issue, just as you would any other competitor coupon. Too much picking and choosing about competitor’s coupons is muddying up how I shop. Consistency needs to be key.

    The reason Price Chopper is my store of choice is precisely for the perks of being able to use competitor’s coupons, and reduce the number of grocery trips I make. Were they to change this policy, I would seriously consider taking my business elsewhere. I would like to see them keep accepting competitor’s coupons, and be plain about what is not allowed (eg. BJ’s coupons). Remove all ambiguity.

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