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Posted on: Mar 20, 2020


Price Chopper/Market32 Deals & Coupon Match Ups – See Your Store Savings — 9 Comments

    • Hi Sam!!! I didn’t get a chance to update this list with our regional coupons. The coupons listed out for the Green Giant Veggies are based on the coupon preview you I sent out on Thursday. If you got the regional $1.00/1 Coupon listed than you would be getting this item for Free. Otherwise, you will need to price adjust based on the coupons you received 🙂 Thanks for touching base with me.

      • Jen, Good Morning! Thank you so much for all the work you do! You are an incredible gift from the Lord!
        Concerning this email, did you send out the preview coupons to our emails, or did you list them on your website. Just wondering if I am missing anything.

        Thank you so much

        • Connie!!!! Your comment just brought me to tears. Thank you so much. You see, this week has been very tough. My brother was in a very bad accident at work and this week and I am barely keeping my head above water. Managing the blog and his care. So THANK YOU!!!! So… in terms of email. every post that I do will be sent in a recap email. So if you miss any deal or coupons I listed out for Price Chopper they will be in that evening’s recap email. You can also view all the posts pertaining to price chopper from the main menu. Click “Find your store” find grocery stores then you will see price chopper. Thank you again

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