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Poland Spring Water Coupon – 2020 Savings — 66 Comments

    • Free isn’t really free, when ya want us to jump thru hoops for you and some thing – hel! – isn’t it enough that we like and BUY YOUR WATER? Baiting us is not a good idea, give back to your loyal customers, no strings next time. Thank You (I hope)

  1. I live in PA and have purchased poland springs sparkling water, but when I submit info for a free coupon I’m told it’s not in my area!
    Someone in promo advertising messed up big time.

    • Hi Cathy,

      This has been an ongoing promotion. While I don’t work for Poland Spring I do know that this offer was a limited time. They may have just reached their promotion cap in your area. I am sorry that you missed out.

  2. I have been dying to try Poland Spring sparkling water & now I can for FREE!
    How’s that for a GREAT deal!

  3. love product, hate plastic bottles. since cardboard was removed from packaging, bottles bottoms get messed up. set one down and it fell over. they lean in all different directions . some straight some lean a little and some are really slanting. Please bring back cardboard for bottoms of case.

  4. Why would this offer be on a 24 pack of Poland Water that I purchased here in Buffalo but the promotion is not valid here. Seems this is not 100% official. I hate when companies do this…..

  5. I am looking forward to trying Poland Spring Sparkling. I drink Poland Spring all the time. Some states do not carry it so I have drink another brand.

  6. POLAND Spring water is the only case water that I buy….even tho other brands are on sale. Thank you for my coupon

  7. Besides tasting good, & yes there is a difference in taste, I buy Poland Spring for the fact that their “plastic” bottles are a little bit stronger than the other brands. As senior citizens, we tend to lose the strength in our hands and caps are difficult for some of us to break the cap away from that bottom ring to open it. This causes us to squeeze the bottle tighter…next thing you know, the plastic has cracked and there is water all over the counter. Personally, I prefer the “sippy” caps. Anyway, I just bought a case of Poland Spring water at Walmart the other day and all the cases showed the Get 1 Free 8-Pack of the Sparkling Poland Spring Natural Spring Water. Unfortunately I couldn’t read the small print that shows the “Offer ends on 07/31/18”. Twas a bummer for sure.

  8. Tops grocery store stated UPC code not valid
    It did not recognized at register
    They would not honor coupon
    Said they could not manually enter it either
    UPC code is 0075720-143353

    • Hi Janice,
      So Sorry to hear this. You will have to contact Poland Spring directly. I am a frugal living blogger and only report the deals and freebies. Any issues that arise are on the end of the company that is offering them. You may want to try out another store. Both Hannaford and Price Chopper accepted mine locally with no problems.

  9. If they are offering free water it should be available everywhere Poland Spring is sold.
    I hope I get my coupon or I might never buy Polandspring ny more.

    • Depending on your region I believe they are sending out different coupons. I am a blogger in NY and have received only Poland Spring Coupons. I can’t speak for other states but heard that they are. I am sorry I can’t be of much help. I only report the deals and freebies I find.

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