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New Price Chopper Coupons Week of 7/14! – New Price Chopper Store Coupons — 12 Comments

    • HI Debbie, I do provide the coupon match up from Price Chopper, with fuel advantEdge bonuses. You can view those by going back to the main menu, search “find my store”, click and then you will find Price Chopper store match ups.

    • Hi Nicole, You click the links listed here. Some you are able to print others you need to add to your advantage card. Those coupons once saved to your account will come off at the register. Just make sure you have an online account and have registered your advantage card on Price chopper/Market 32’s website.

  1. Sadly, the 99-cent-butter coupon is not there when you click on the link. This happened several weeks ago too (for cheap butter), and when I asked at the store, they said that some of the bonus coupons are “regional only” and not available for everyone (in all markets). They said I could ask for one at customer service. So I did, repeatedly, and sometimes the person would give me one, and sometimes they wouldn’t. It was very frutrating, as I shop there several times per week for the specials. Do you know of any way to get more? Thanks!

  2. Unfortunately the Shannon Farms Corned beef coupon does not show when you click on it….that’s the one I’m really looking for.

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