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Posted on: Aug 21, 2019


New $1 OFF Bush Baked Beans – HURRY!!! – RARE Coupon — 2 Comments

  1. Pretty disgusted… spent time and went through all the requirements and motions…. then tried to obtain the 1.00 coupon, only to be told it’s not available…. why even advertise your recipes if you cannot produce? And yes, the coupon my be rare (how many hundred thousand were downloaded, no one knows) but if it’s not available…. pull the promotion….////

    • Hi Rich,

      I am a frugal living deal blogger… just report the coupon that was previously available to help others save. You would need to reach out to Bush’s website to complain about all the hoops you went through to grab your coupon. You see this post was written a while back and often times coupond are only available for a limited time. In fact, as we are entering into more of the digital couponing world we are seeing less and less printable coupons and those that do become available are limited in availability to print.

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