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Myth Coupons are for “Junk” Food ONLY! – DEBUNKED — 48 Comments

  1. I love this! My family eats more organic foods now than before I started couponing. I love organic fruit and vegetable coupons that come out almost every week. You don’t see that for Oreos.

    • Julie…I feel the same way. If it wasn’t for coupons we wouldn’t be eating as much organic food. I wish others would realize this too.

  2. I am very excited to find your site through the Blogelina Commentathon, and am even more delighted to utilize your coupon database! I am a totally newbie couponer, but now that our family is stationed in Hawaii (hello beautiful beach and EVERYTHING being EXPENSIVE) I need to dive into this new, strange world of couponing. I think your site is going to be the perfect place to start! Thank you, we eat very healthy as a family already, but it’d be great to save some of that money back;)!

    • OH I am super excited and envious of you all at the same time. Hawaii WOW…and we are still getting snow. Do you have a guest room? LOL

  3. You’re right- a savvy couponer can definitely save money without sacrificing healthy eating. When I was a senior in college I made a New Year’s resolution to spend $5 weekly on groceries and I made it happen through couponing. I hope people read this and apply it. The savings are worth it!

  4. I agree Julie. It might be harder to find coupons for the good stuff, but they exist! Saving on basic household items makes me feel better about spending more at the farmer’s market, co-op, etc.

  5. My wife does a lot of couponing and I have to tell you that she doesn’t bring one bit of junk food home after a trip to the store. She does a lot of working find the good ones, of course, but I think she enjoys it. At least that’s what she tell me 🙂

  6. Great post! This year I decided to make this my year to get my health back on track, and this post has inspired me. No more excuses! : ) You are right! The makers of healthier foods want to make profit too, so it makes sense that you can find deals and coupons directly on their websites and social media. we might have to do more of the leg work finding those deals, but it’s worth it!

    • Thanks Jeanie…I try to make couponing easier for everyone. If you come back on to the site later on today 2/19. I will have a HUGE list of currently available natural & organic coupons. Hoping to get rid of someone that leg work.

  7. I must admit at one time I thought that it was for all junk but I am learning it is not true thanks to bloggers like you. So since I am wanting to stop the Junk Food in my home this will allow me to as I now know to check out websites which I had never though of before.

  8. My husband and I shop with coupons, sales, trends on prices and just general savings and we eat healthy. Yes, there are probably MORE coupons for junk food than healthy food, but it is definitely not exclusively. Saving on all of the grocery shopping allows for savings on the healthy food.

  9. This is encouraging! I’m always looking for ways to save money, but health is very important to me. I will remember these tips! 🙂

  10. I use coupons for my healthy food all the time! I guess it just comes down to looking for the coupons you need, not settling for what is right in front of you

  11. I agree that there are coupons for many healthy foods, as well as unhealthy foods. I use coupons often, it just takes some digging around to find the best resources for healthy food coupons.

  12. We’ve used coupons from time to time, but I have to admit, most of the coupons I see in the paper are on processed foods and things we don’t typically buy. I am adding you to my Feedly and I’ll be watching for more good coupons!

  13. I use to believe this myth myself, until I started paying attention to my local coupon adds and see what they actually contain. When I realized that if I could get household items for a lot less, or even free on occasion and that money could go to fresh produce it changed my mind completey

  14. I have a post on just this coming up on my own blog 🙂 I personally coupon toiletries mainly and use the Cartwheel app at Target for some foods. I buy a lot locally so I use the money saved from coupons on that. Great post!

  15. I’ve been serious couponing for a few years now and you can buy tons of items with coupons that aren’t junk food. I’ve had someone say that to me in the store once and I asked her kindly to look at what I was buying. There was no junk there and I saved over 50%.

  16. This is a very interesting post – we are starting to eat healthier and healthier especially trying to eliminate processed foods. I already go to 2+ stores so having to add more drives me crazy. I’ve looked through our coupons here in CA and can’t find anything that I would actually buy – I will definitely look through your database. If I can save money on other things to have extra for the special items I’m all for that. Thanks again for your post – Tina

  17. Agreed. Just because there is a coupon for junk food doesn’t mean you have to buy it and eat it. A large portion of the coupons in my box are for stuff like shampoo, deodorant and batteries. If I can get free toothpaste then I can turn around and use those $ on whole grains and veggies.

  18. I can’t begin to tell you how many heated debates I have gotten into because of coupons. They are my favorite for saving money especially when the item is on sale.

  19. I’m doing better at couponing, but still have a ways to go. I couldn’t believe how many coupons are available for produce, milk, orgainc, etc. You just have to look for them and you will find them. Thanks for the tips on where to search.

  20. Living in Poland, couponing is the one thing I miss about living in the US or at a military base in Europe! They don’t coupon here in Europe.:(

  21. I wish I understood how to coupon, I love to save at the store, but figuring it out is overwhelming to me. Thanks for showing me a few tips.

  22. i’m working on learning how to coupon. I use a lot of facebook groups where people share great deals with coupons. And there are amazing deal for all kinds of things! Thanks for putting this myth to rest!

  23. I am very jealous of the couponing opportunities available to my friends in the US. Here in Canada we have far fewer options. For example most stores do not let you stack coupons. Although those coupons we do get are usually for `no-junk`food so this is not an impression that most of us have, up here in the great white north!

  24. Wow! I never thought about coupons as being just for junk food. That sounds SO wrong to me. You can get a coupon for anything these days. I had no interest in using coupons until I started doing product reviews on my other blog at Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose. I just didn’t think that I could save enough with them. Once I began to receive free products as well, to review, they came with coupons and their value was awesome. The latest coupons I received was actually for Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic products at Kroger supermarkets. I saved a ton on granola cereal, freshly cut and cleaned spinach, power green salads, and organic snacks too. I even seem to use Kroger’s ecoupons, Ralphs is their sister store in Los Angeles, to get tons of coupons for things I buy often. SO, I must agree with you that coupons are definitely available for more items than junk. I would say that I am a pretty health-conscious eater anyway, so I don’t do too much processes foods. Thanks for sharing.

  25. YES! Love this! I have been saying this for years! As a fellow extreme couponer, I feel like this is the biggest extreme couponing myth out there!

  26. I love how non couponers have a lot to say about coupons they never even use. 😛 I admit I have slacked off a LOT but I got all sorts of things while couponing. Yes, it is definitely harder to find coupons on fresh produce, meats and dairy but the good thing like you said is you can use coupons on everyday things you need like toilet paper, etc and it saves you that money to buy those harder to find sale items.

  27. Very interesting. I don’t use coupons ever, unless one happens to be shoved in my face and it’s for something I want. HOWEVER, I have noticed that Whole Foods (my favorite store ever!) has a coupon book that they offer, with specials, etc. and there have been quite a few I have found that have been timely and useful. I wish I had the discipline and energy for more concerted couponing…this post has definitely sparked the interest, as I too had the notion that most “coupon foods,” were just crap conveyers! Thanks for provoking some real thought!

  28. We have many food allergies and sensitivities, so honestly I rarely ever find coupons that we can use for food. There are the occasional register coupons for dollars of vegetables that I try to use, but I’m super picky about quality and sometimes the vegetables aren’t up to my standards. I do use coupons for things like toilet paper and paper towel though.

  29. I generally only use coupons for paper goods because I don’t have the patience to do coupons. And a lot of things that we use don’t usually have coupons. And since my family are creatures of habit, trying something new is really hard!!

  30. I agree that there are tons of coupons for non-junk items and I blame the extreme couponers show for giving people the wrong impression, but I do have to say, A LOT of the coupons are for highly processed, unhealthy foods that even if I could get them for pennies, I wouldn’t want to put in my kids mouths! But just like you said, it’s all about saving money in some places like paper goods and toiletries so you can use the savings for fresh foods! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  31. I really need to use coupons more. Unfortunately in my area they no longer do the double coupon thing 🙁 I really want to create menus for our meals that way we also don’t waste food.

  32. While my local grocery store doesn’t always have coupons for their healthy foods or natural/organic lines, I find that Target often has these kinds of coupons or that there are discounts available through their Cartwheel app for foods that are more healthy than others.

  33. You are so right. My family eats a minimal of processed food (trying to eliminate it all) . You can find coupons for healthy food , Savings Star has a fruit/vegetable option every week for one. tons more if you look , like Whole Foods

  34. This is depressing =( I keep trying to find people who eat really healthy and successfully coupon but still no dice. I’m talking borderline paleo diet healthy, not kinda sorta healthy. Produce and meat never have coupons. You go and list bagels, bread and orange juice and I zone out, since it’s obviously a super carb/sugar dependent diet. The “tons” of organic options you quote I assume are just packaged, processed organics like cereal, granolas, crackers and cookies, right?

    • I always say…do not allow your coupons to dictate your savings. First, not all dietary needs are created equal. We certainly choose how to eat and not everyone chooses a liking to the same dietary needs. With that said there is no better time to save on fresh foods. As the primary shopper, it is important to recognize and know your prices. Purchase produce that is in season, purchase extra and process to save for later (freeze, canning, etc). I save a lot on produce by growing my own garden, harvesting an canning for later use. There are many printable coupons available right now that are for fresh meats as well as smart phone app that provide savings on FRESH produce. You will want to look into SavingStar with gives 20% off a fresh items weekly, Ibotta and Checkout 51. With savings come frequent changes in available coupons. When they become available you need to to print them while they are available.

      If you have a particular dietary need there are often times when you are just not going to find those coupons out there. Shift your savings. Meaning save on paper products the best you can and use those savings to purchase the items you need. Each week (on Wednesday) I provide a Natural & organic printable coupon round up. It is a great source and it changes weekly. You can also check our coupon database for specific coupons. You can search by brand or by specific item “chicken”, “beef” etc. I do hope this help… please don’t get depressed.. I can save for my family on groceries without having to purchase “junk” or “processed” foods.

  35. Since when Orange Juice and Yogurt with 20 grams of sugar are healthy foods? I’ve never seen coupons for oranges (not orange juice), apples, or any other fruits. I’ve never seen coupons for organic brown or red rice, or bread made without white floor and zero sugar, etc. If you know where they are please let me know.

    • HI Jay,

      Actually if you check out this week’s coupon inserts you will see coupons for $0.50 off Halo Clementines. Very close to oranges. And if you store doubles coupons you will be saving $1 off of Clementines. Make sure you are checking out your local store sales flyers as many are currently running great deals.

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