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The Ten “Commandments” of Couponing — 1 Comment

  1. It can be hard. All you can do is be polite. BUT I do have to say……I check out my cashiers before I decide which check out lane I use. In 30 seconds you can usually tell which are the good ones. Do they have a smile on their face? Are they currently talking to the customer at check out? Watch there body language. If they have a frown on their face move to the next cashier.

    When they ask if I have coupons? I usually crack a joke about all my coupons. The next time I go, I single out that cashier and try to make him or her my usual check out girl or guy. They will get to know you and that you carry a coupon for every item in your cart. Plus, you may just end up making a new friend.

    Melanie if ever the cashier is rude or not nice, call customer service. After all, the cashier is probably the person you interact with the most during your shopping experience. They can be the make it or break it for some returning customers. Believe the stores do not want to loose your business. They may even *Hint Hint* compensate you for your bad experience.

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