Save money on things you want with a discount on The Daily Gazette Newspaper. This deal is for Sunday Delivery only. It’s time to get a newspaper subscription so you can receive multiple copies of the Sunday coupon inserts!

Save money on things you want with a discount on The Daily Gazette Newspaper. This deal is for Sunday Delivery only. It's time to get a newspaper subscription so you can receive multiple copies of the Sunday coupon inserts!

Are you ready to ramp up your couponing ways?

Then it’s time to get a Schenectady Daily Gazette newspaper subscription, so you can receive multiple copies of the Sunday Coupon Inserts! In order to save money, you’ve got a build a stockpile.  That means you need coupons!

But I know what you are thinking? I don’t want to pay an arm & a leg. YOU got it! I don’t either.

You see you can get a Schenectady Daily Gazette Newspaper Subscription at a great price? Just a $1 for the Sunday Paper.  Did I mention reliable service and great customer service? The Daily Gazette offers all that and more.

Get an exclusive offer:

If you are an Inspiring Savings reader you can grab a Sunday Delivery Subscription for just $1 per week from The Daily Gazette.  You can order multiple papers (up to 5 per address). Most Sunday papers are now priced at or over $3 each, depending on the newspaper company. This is a great price! Get stocked up on newspaper coupons.

The best part of all; YOUR RATE will NEVER CHANGE and this offer is exclusive to Inspiring Savings readers and those who have attend a Grocery Savings Work Shop! That is right! Sign up now and 1 year from today your Sunday paper will still be just $1.

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Please NOTE

Distance restrictions apply. Delivery area includes Albany, Fulton, Montgomery, Saratoga, Schenectady, and Schoharie Counties; merchant will not travel beyond delivery area

Live outside of this delivery area? Check here to find a Discount delivery option that is right  for you. CLICK HERE!



The Daily Gazette Newspaper Subscription — 42 Comments

  1. How long does it generally take to receive your subscription. I placed my order two weeks ago and have not received my papers

    • Hi Sue!!! You should get it the very same week you sign up. Unless it is late in the week (Friday/Saturday Sign up)

  2. Hi, I was just wondering how payment works after you receive your first paper(s) ? I just got mine but still have not given them any billing info, and thanks so much for the deal, Love your site!

    • Hey Heather!!!! So glad you are getting your papers. When i first signed up for mine it was about 2 – 3 weeks after I received my first paper that I got a paper bill in the mail. I am sure you will be getting yours soon. And THANK YOU!!!

  3. Hello,
    If I order 5 papers will it be $5.00 or $1.00? Also, will Shoprite allow you to use multiple coupons on sale items? For example, if Purex laundry detergent is on sale and I have 5 coupons, will they allow you to buy them at one time? Would my shoprite card work?
    Thank you!

  4. I signed up to receive 2 paper but havent gotten any yet. Im not sure I did it right? It didnt ask for any billing info.

    • Hi Marissa,

      The best way to find out your start date, which I am assuming should have already occured it to contact the Gazette Directly. Please reach out to BobbiKay her email is the best and easiest way.

      You are absolutely correct! They do not ask for billing information. They will send out a paper bill in mail once you start receiving your papers.

  5. Hello, I filled out the form to order 2 daily gazettes at the beginning of October, and have not seen anything about the order or received any papers yet. Is there some easy I can check on the status of the order?


    • Hi Josh,

      I am very sorry about this. I just pulled your sign up sheet. I get copy emails and resent it to the Gazette’s. I will follow up with you to let you know what they say. You should have absolutely started to receive your papers that week.

  6. Im sorry I meant i reapplied and then saw this lol and can you email me directly I didnt get a notification for this post. Thank you for helping

    • You did. Got both. No worries. On the Gazette site when you get redirected from mine, I completely get it. I have asked them to update it to show that the form was received. You will get a paper bill in the mail a few weeks after you start receiving your paper. You should start receiving next week. Sorry for the confusion.

      • Thank you for getting back to me. I still have not recieved the newspapers and am nervous now. Can you please just cancel my subscription or give me a number I can call?

        • Hi Kayla,

          You can simply call the daily gazette’s main number and ask to speak with someone at the circulation desk. I do not work for them and I am unaware of if they have processed your sign up. Should have happened. Their phone number is 518-374-4141. They are open normal business hours

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