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  1. I have a problem I hope you can help me.

    Hello my name is Krysta and I worked at Family Dollar as of yesterday my store Manager fired me for coupon fraud. I have been trying to save on somethings like laundry soap and fabric softner and it is on sale in the stores for $3.95 and there are coupons out there for $2. and $3. dollars we have 9 computers that I can print coupons from so I started with mine so I tiped in tide and gain pods it poped up I clip I go back do it again see if I can find another web sight and so forth you get two copies per sight get it off the printer start clipping I have my stack I go to work I buy the stuff. I then was going to go to the next computer but I had other things to do on my two days off I go to work on Wed the 20th she asked me to bring her the coupons from register 2 so I did, she looks at them and then asked who took thease I said Cheyeene then Amber said she was going to have to talk to her, I said why she said look at them I did what they say at the top (VALID ONLY AT BJ’) oh crap then she starts adding it up 3, 6, 9, 12, etc… I said no we dont loose it I can bring it back, what she said I said yes thoes are mine they printed with all my other coupons I didnt even notice she said well we shook her head went outside I called my family asked them to bring me the stuff Amber came back inand said she had an appt she would be right back. So my family brought the stuff back ad I tried to do the right thing and returne it but it didnt subtract the coupons so now I really done wrong so I call another Manager she tells me what I have to do so I try and Amber pulls up I tell her what i Did I give her the recipts she looks at them and figuers out what she has to do does it and makes me think all is good. I have friday and sat off I work 8:30am-9:30pm on sunday so i am there working she comes in at 5:05pm takes me to the office tells me that she has got up with loss prevention and this is coupon fraud I have to fire you gather your things and leave. So is it coupon fraud if you really dont notice that it dosent say MANUFACTURER’S COUPON and it said VALID ONLY AT BJ’s?

    • Hi Krysta,

      I am really sorry to hear about your job. To get straight to the point, every coupon is actually considered a contract. Each part of the coupon from the expiration date to the small fine print will validate how redemptions work. If the coupon states “valid at Bj’s” as you know it can only be redeemed at Bj’s. If used at any other store if is technically considered coupon fraud.

      In all honesty, the cashiers should never have accepted these coupons in the first place and should have handed them back to you. People make mistakes and sometimes you miss out on a few small words. That is why it is so important to really look over your coupons.

      Typically, these kinds of coupons (States “Valid Only”) based on coding will not automatically go through. With all the misuse of coupons that have been occurring with in the last few years, many retailers are taking a zero tolerance policy. Again, I am sorry and I do hope I helped explained this better.

      • Hi Jenna, All cashiers are trained. The register will not scan imposter coupons. The CIC also has set up a list of all fraudulent coupons that are circulating. That list is distributed to retailers as well. I have been contact by a cashier that was fired from her job for accepting coupons. I do not know the full details. Most stores if not all, consider coupon fraud serious! Manufactures code all coupons in such a way to prevent fraud. BUT when there are others who insist on breaking the rules, you know the saying: “where there is a will there is a way”.

        • Hi I have a very serious question for you I work for a drugstore and I warned my manager and assistant manager that in a lot of coupons were passing through my register. my manager said to take the coupons because sales were low. one of our couponers was an extreme couponer and was returning item and they said that that was against the rules. so they wanted us to watch her meanwhile she slipped to me some coupons that did not match her order but did scan.she also tried to give me a bag full of items but I did not take the items. reported her to my manager that she was at the store and she left a package for me at the front register. now I feel I’m being watched and I think they think that I’m in on it what should I do?

          • Hi Selena,

            Thank you for your question and thank you for standing up for what it right. If you are being watched and you did nothing wrong you do not have anything to worry about. However, if you feel like there is wrongdoing occuring at your store I would reach out to someone higher than your manager. Make an appointment to meet face to face to talk.

            Coupon fraud is a very real thing. Many take advantage of coupons and there are many groups that support it. It isn’t right and it is very frustrating to see. Many take it to the next level, which I never understand. You are already saving money, why risk going to jail? Selena if you need more help, please do not hesitate to email me Jen @ inspiringsavings.com

  2. Thank you so much for putting this out there. This has been unbelievably helpful to myself and my coworkers at the grocery store that I work at. We have had MANY problems with coupon fraud in our store and many of the people that I work with are young and don’t understand. This completely explained it to them. I was wondering if you happen to have this in a Spanish version? I’m hoping to get all my bases covered making sure that everyone is able to understand this. 🙂

  3. A few days ago I was taking a look at a few of the private couponing sites here on facebook to educate myself on how to help my family save money. During this I discovered people who had garages full of products that had been purchased with coupons that scanned for non related items. Examples: Using a ($6 coupon meant for a discount on 2 boxes of a $8.99 hair care products) and it was being used to purchase a pack of soap or a .99 cent bottle of dish detergent . They call this money makers. This is stealing. Some saying these are being sold. …………………………Because I shared the information without names on here to a Family Dollar employee group, asking how these people were showing cases of free stuff and bragging they cleaned out the stores I have now been harassed from some of the 42,000 members of this certain group and reported to Facebook for various reasons…. I say……. Drain the swamp…this is cheating the honest shoppers that take the time to do it right. This is stealing from Family Dollar where I work and many other companies, especially the ones with self check outs. No wonder we make minimum wage? The company worries about one of us drinking a bottle of water without paying and they have thousand of dollars walking out the door…. Another thing wrong with our country. I might be wrong but this really bothers me. Doing it to help your family with a pack of toliet paper is one thing, Cleaning out the backroom of every store in town is WRONG. I did not do this to get anyone in trouble, or see anyone fired…I wanted Family Dollar to know what was happening…… Common Sense… Do you think we could use a $6 Tylenol coupon we printed from the internet for a $1 cup of coffee at 7-11 and get change back? come on now..common sense…..Now multiply that times a million.!!

    • WOW!!! Hi Cindy! I applaud you for being courageous and speaking up. It is a shame that others take a good thing and blow it up to a proportional size that then becomes cheating the system. Unfortunately, there are many out there. I am glad you stood up and reported them. I am sorry that they attacked you for explaining the correct way to coupon. Please do let me know if you get any follow up from Family Dollar.

  4. Hi my name is,lena i worked at family dollar last night as a ask that was not,trained right at all only 2 days of,training and,thrown,into my job !!!! A customer comes,through,mind,you she a regular I scan her items every time shes at store this is what i do !! Scan her items then scan coupons the coupons that work i put in envelope ones that won’t work I hand,back and,tell her that we don’t,except them mind,u i get fired for,coupon,fraud and they want ke to,pay restitution of 500.00 dollars

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